MaryEllen Turns Thirteen!! — 4 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday MaryEllen! Sounds like you had a wonderful 13th birthday. Love your cake! Did the black frosting turn anyone’s teeth black, LOL, or the tongue. 😀

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful and extremely talented girl!!! The cake came out beautiful! If you only understood that I can’t even frost a flower on a cupcake, my kids have to help me. So when I can make anything even remotely decent, I take a pic of it. I tell you, art can be used in so many fields. I am very impressed with Mary Ellen’s talents from the Lord!

    I have one of my sons that hates to eat in restaurants as well. He likes us to pick up our food and eat it at home. LOL! We always accomodate him. Ribs sound so yummy! I love ribs! You know, french fries are my treat of choice. I can have a whole order from Zaxby’s (similar to Chic Fil A) and never get any bad symptom. I don’t blame you for the treats. They all look so yummy and you have been doing so good.

    The gifts are lovely! What a blessed girl to have a family that loves her so much!!! Many blessings!!!

    Dee 🙂

    • Thanks Dee! You had us giggling about your comment, ‘I can’t even frost a flower on a cupcake.’ Don’t worry, neither can I. LOL! When the kids were little, I must admit that I did do a nice Elmo on Donnie’s 2nd birthday cake. 🙂

      Wow, and we thought Donnie was an odd ball. We could never figure it out. It actually saves us money sometimes because when we go to a Mexican restaurant or something similar, we give him a bit of our meals in a to-go box. Fast food, we order his separately. Donnie too would like us to take it to go, but sometimes we want to sit and relax. He says the smells turn his stomach. Because I can’t smell, I forget there are even smells. We’ve only ate at Zaxby’s once, and the lights went out that time. LOL! They were pretty good.