The Light and the Glory Questions — 35 Comments

  1. Hi, Cynthia. I actually bought the adult versions of the 3 books by Peter Marshall and David Manuel–not the children or the youth version. Have you read those? I figured since my son is now 13 going 14, he might benefit more from the adult version than from the youth one (geared for children 8-12, I believe). My question is: Do you think the questions you have prepared would also work for my son’s homeschooling activities?

    • Hi Rachel, I want to say I might have read the first one. I no longer have the book. I do remember having the study guide for the adult book, but my kids were too young at the time so we did not use it. Sadly, it is out of print and hard to find and I no longer own it either.

      I do think the older book will benefit your son better. As far as the questions go, I think they will work. It might be a challenge to correspond them to the adult version though.

      • Thanks for your response, Cynthia. I’ve thought of that, too–that it might be a challenge matching the book chapters to the questions since the adult versions have more chapters. Anyhow, fortunately, I was able to find the study guides for the 2nd and the 3rd books on clearance years ago (as in 20 and 35 cents each), which is how I’ve been introduced to these books. With the 1st book, I’ve recently tried looking on Amazon and ebay, but they are too expensive. Then the other day, I discovered your website. I believe you are a Godsend. Now my son will be able to study the 1st book and get tested without a study guide bc of your kind efforts. You have also introduced me to another book, A Young Man after God’s Own Heart, which I plan to buy soon bc that’s what I pray for him regularly. Thank you so much. You have been a great blessing. God bless you abundantly!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to create and then share these worksheets! They are a perfect compliment to our chapter studies.

  3. Am I still able to see your discussion questions? I keep clicking on your freebie and it takes me to the post about them but no way to see them

  4. wow, this is something I was just getting ready to create myself!! I am glad I found you in my bookmark session just on the perfect day. Please, Give me a heads up on where I can see your current worksheets or just the address to your blog thanks! Julie

  5. God Bless you sweet lady for doing this and sharing it.
    You did a beautiful job. I LOVE “clean” looking worksheets that are easy on the eye.
    Thank you so very much.

  6. thank you soooo much for these questions. my daughter is reading this, this year and I just googled to see if there were any questions that someone took the time to post! You are a true blessing!

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