Tower Garden

Hi! My name is Cynthia or Cynce. 🙂 That is a picture of me about 6 years ago; my how time flies. I took some time off from this blog/website to focus my time on my husband and kids. I thought it would only be a few years, and even that seemed like a long time, but here we are six years later…2020!!

I am now a homeschooling mom of zero as MaryEllen and Donnie are both graduated. They are both doing well. MaryEllen continues to draw and has really sharpened her digital drawing skills. I will post some of her work shortly. She isn’t sure where her art will take her, but I am encouraging her to try children’s books.

Donnie is working at a family owned store here in town. It is going well. He is not sure of what he would like to do full time, but we are looking into a few trades that might fit him well.

Don has retired, so now he is home 24/7. It hasn’t been too bad of a transition. He is staying busy around the home tackling projects that he could never find the time to do before. Donnie helps him a lot with these projects.

I am staying busy with the usual stuff. I am thankful I am now finding time to resuscitate my blog.

Here is a recent picture of us taken in October 2019.

Albright Family Oct2019

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