ILL Part 3 Resource List

Lesson 7 – The Gleaners
Information on Millet
A more thorough picture study

Lesson 12, 30, 48 – Debate
Debate Sheet PDF

Lesson 18 – Michael Angelo
MaryEllen’s writing on David Website

Lesson 22 – Down To Sleep
Author Bio on Helen Hunt Website
Down to Sleep – Full Poem Website

Lesson 25 – Coal
Coal Mining Website
Coal Website
Coal areas in the USA Website

Lesson 27 – Electricity
Early Electricity Website – might or might not help with the lesson, but I found it interesting on the progression of lighting in the home.

Lesson 28 – Railway Train
How Steam Trains Work Website with short video

Lesson 33 – Railroads
Amtrak Wikipedia Website

Lesson 34 – The Breaking Wave
Additional ocean poems Website

Lesson 38 – Bird’s Nests
All About Birds Website

Lesson 40 – Biography of an Oriole
Information on the Boston Oriole Website

Lesson 49 – The Horse Fair
Bio of Rosa Bonheur Website
About the picture Website

Lesson 51 – Composition
Ten Tips For Taking Care of Your Dog Website

Lesson 72 – Samuel Morse
History of the Telegraph Website
Telegram Passes Into History Website
Samuel Morse The Telegraph Video

Lesson 73 – Telegrams
Morse Code Machine Website

Lesson 79 – The Flag Goes By
Meaning of the flag Website (includes more thoughtful questions)
Henry H. Bennett biography Website

Lesson 81 – The Soldier
Uniforms of the USA Armed Forces Website
Army Officer Ranks Website

Lesson 82 – A Man Without A Country
A Man Without A Country by Edward Everett Hale

Lesson 84 – The Flag
American Flag Lapbook – Free on my website, Cynce’s Place

Lesson 85 – Conversation
Governor’s Duties Website

Lesson 87 – Columbus Poem
Short bio on Joaquin Miller Website

Lesson 92 – Letter Writing
Business Letter Styles Website

Lesson 96 – Daffodils
Short Bio on William Wordsworth Website

Lesson 99
Author bio and insight on the poem.

Lesson 101 – Conversation
Aesop Fables Website

Lesson 105 – Selection For Study
Read the full poem Website
Where Does Our Trash Go Video