Proverbs Copywork – KJV — 25 Comments

  1. Hi Cynthia! I’m sorry to hear you’re having website problems! I would love a copy of the cursive for our homeschool! Thank you so very much! <3

  2. Hey Cynthia,

    I came across your website on Pinterest thought it was great for children to learn, and get closer to our Father with. I would love to obtain a copy of this from you. Thanks for sharing. Stay blessed.


  3. Hi, Cynthia! May I please have a copy of your Proverbs cursive file? It is so wonderful that you are using KJV. Thank you so much for sharing. May the Lord bless your generosity of spirit. 🙂


  4. Hi Cynthia, these cursive pages are beautiful! I have been looking for KJV cursive writing to use in our homeschooling! Can you please email them to me? Thank you for sharing these!


  5. Hi Cynthia,

    Just came across your website and saw the full set of Copywork from the Book of Proverbs and am planning to use some unit studies to assist me this year in my Homeschool. Wondering if you could help download the set of copywork or do I need to pay for this set. Very interested in these pages and look forward to working with you with the many wonderful resources you have. Thank in advance for the ministry of education and God you have done and pray for God to continue to use your website to help others.

    God Bless you All,

    Stephanie McIntyre

    • Hi Valarie,
      Yes, I agree with it being hard to find verses. I am glad you found my blog because the KJV is what we use. I am slowly working through some of the Psalms too. You are very welcome, enjoy!


  6. Thank you very much! I have been looking for KJV copy work for a while and found only a couple of verses. Thank you for the whole book of Proverbs! (My kids will thank you(much)later! 😉

    • Hi Kellie,
      You are very welcome. I love it when I can fill a need.:) We use the KJV too and have had a hard time locating copywork, so I thought I’d share what I make for those in our boat.

      Thank you for the whole book of Proverbs! (My kids will thank you(much)later! 😉

      LOL! Your kids and mine! 🙂


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