Hi, my name is Cynthia and I am a homeschooling mom. My husband and I have been homeschooling our children since the beginning.


When the children became ‘school age’, we began looking into the classical method, which led us to Charlotte Mason and Ruth Beechick. We eventually ended up with The Robinson Curriculum. The children are doing very well with the self-teaching method.


I do, however, add a few things here and there. One thing that I really liked was Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl. It is often described as a perfect fit for the Charlotte Mason type homeschoolers. This is because the lessons are short and gentle. They also include a variety of lessons from picture study to poetry to letter writing and composition and more.


For the writing portion of RC (Robinson Curriculum), I have used Intermediate Language Lessons. It helped keep the kids focused and gave them topics to write about.


This led me to reformat the book into a more independent workbook. I wanted the children to be able to jump right in without having to wait for me. This is one reason we have enjoyed RC SO much, is because the children are not waiting for me to get to them or finish with the other. Intermediate Language Lessons Workbook Part 1This only caused them to get distracted or wander away and then it was like pulling teeth to get back to what we were suppose to be doing. A lot of it was me and I felt I was not helping them develop good study habits and being able to work independently, and taking the initiative to get their work done.


So I purposely made the Intermediate Language Lessons Workbook to be used more independently. You will still need to read the dictation lessons, but for the most part, the student can take the book and do the lesson. You then read their work and apply any corrections, discussing them with the student.


I usually go over their work during the reading portion of their studies. I make notes in the margins and after their reading, they look over my corrections (and praises), and let me know if they don’t understand something.


Here is a synopsis of what you will find in Intermediate Language Lessons

*Simple and practical lessons in English for the fourth (Part 1), fifth (Part 2) and sixth (Part 3) grades, which will teach the pupil to speak and write the English language correctly.

*Nature study and observation lessons are used as the basis of much of the instruction. The illustrations consist largely of reproductions of well-known paintings.

*There are many literature studies, both in poetry and in prose.

*The lessons in letter writing are on subjects that appeal to the child, and include simple business letters.

*Both reproduction and original work are used in the oral and written composition drill.

*Capitalization and punctuation are given careful treatment.

*Many exercises to enlarge the pupil’s vocabulary are included, as well as drill on correct forms of speech and words often misused.

*A noteworthy feature of the book is the attention paid in the lessons to such important civic subjects as the school, the court, the State, cleanliness of the streets and needed improvements in the neighborhood.


Here Is What I Have Done With
Intermediate Language Lessons:

*What I have done is reformatted this incredible book into a workbook format. There is space for your student to write right in the book!

*I also updated some images as well as added a few of my own, mostly on the notebooking pages for composition work. I did not, however, change any of the Picture Study images.

Intermediate Language Lessons Workbook Part 3*I added an Appendix where the dictations sheets are housed. Also in Part 2 where Part 1 lessons were needed for images or selections, I included them in the Appendix also. This way if you do not need or have Part 1, you can still utilize the selection or image.

*I included lines (double-spaced in Part 1, 1.5 lined space in Parts 2 & 3) for answering questions, dictation and composition work.

*I updated the postal codes, addressing envelopes and state abbreviations

*Consider these All-In-Ones, there is nothing else to buy. Just print, 3-hole punch and place in a binder.


Buy Intermediate Language Lessons

The books are in PDF format. You will need the Adobe Reader to view the files.

By purchasing ILL, I grant you permission to print as many copies as you need for your family.

Co-ops, please contact me for pricing.

You will receive your download details by email once payment is received.

Our payment processor is PayPal.

Terms of Use: By purchasing and downloading Intermediate Language Lessons, you agree not to redistribute the pdf files. You have permission to print as many copies as needed for your immediate family only. Thanks you for respecting my terms of use. 🙂

Intermediate Language Lessons Workbook Part 1 (Download)
Intermediate Language Lessons Workbook Part 1 (Download)
Grade 4

Book one covers simple outlines, letter writing intro, quotations, capitalization, nouns, singular/plural, possession, contractions, paragraphs and the stanza related to poetry.

There isn't a strong emphasis on grammar just yet in the first book. It concentrates more on getting thoughts onto paper in an orderly fashion.

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Intermediate Language Lessons Workbook Part 2 (Download)
Intermediate Language Lessons Workbook Part 2 (Download)
Grade 5

Book two continues with writing effectively and includes lessons on homonyms, synonyms, singular-plural, changing y to ies and f or fe to ves, and the types of sentences.

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Intermediate Language Lessons Workbook Part 3 (Download)
Intermediate Language Lessons Workbook Part 3 (Download)
Grade 6

In the third book, subject, predicate, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, etc. are introduced.

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Intermediate Language Lessons Workbook Bundle (Download)
Intermediate Language Lessons Workbook Bundle (Download)
Save by purchasing the Bundle which includes all three Intermediate Language Lessons workbooks.

Don’t forget the Instructor’s Guides!

There is an Instructor’s Guide for each part. Click on the image for more details and to order.
Intermediate Language Lessons Teacher's Guides

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Intermediate Language Lessons Workbooks
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 3 reviews
 by Lisa Hayes via Email
We Love It!

I purchased Language Lessons part 1 and 3 for my 2 daughters at the beginning of this year and have been using it diligently. They have been learning consistently and the simple format makes this program so user friendly.
Thank you so much!

This email was sent to me on 03-05-2012. It is shared with her approval. 🙂

 by Liz Fenstemaker
Taken From My Squidoo Lens

Just purchased these yesterday after looking at the beautiful samples ~ purchased the bundle- I'm SO excited to have found these! I know my daughter & I will appreciate having these very attractive & well-laid out workbook pages to accompany our study. I spend my home school dollars with much thought & care -these workbooks didn't require a second thought -I knew immediately the beauty & benefit they would add to our homeschool. Thanks so much, Cynthia, for offering these & for the additional lesson information available on your site! Will you be continuing to add more lesson information? I hope so! : )


 by Meleasa
Taken From My Squidoo Lens

We love using this workbook! We are on Part 3, having used another, more expensive workbook for Parts 1 & 2 before I found Cynce's Place. She made plenty of lines, the pages are clean looking, and easy to read. My daughter enjoys being able to write directly on the paper instead of using the small book and notebook paper. I especially like the more narrow lines for my sixth grader. Thanks for a great product!