Here are some questions that I get emailed to me. Hopefully they will help answer any questions you might have. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Is this a pretty close version to the Lost Classics version sold by MFW?

The workbook is straight from a 1911 copy of PLL. I am not sure if the Lost Classics changed anything from the original, but it should be pretty close. I did update a few terms and the letter writing lessons.

Can these be purchased in paper format?

Right now, I only offer these as downloads.

When will my order be shipped?

PLL is download only, so no shipping involved. You should have received your download information via email.

I just paid for the PLL workbook Part 1. However, I did not receive the download link.

PayPal should have sent you to a download page and you should have received an email with your download links. Check your spam folder. Also, PayPal sends the link to the email address they have on file, so check there too. If you still don’t receive it, email me and I will send you fresh links. Remember, the links expire in 48 hours.

I did not print my items right when I purchased it.  Now that I am ready to print the links have expired.  Can I get another link in order to print?

Sure, I will email you fresh links. Email me.

I purchased Primary Language Lessons from you, but due to a computer crash, I no longer have a copy. Can you send me a copy?

Sure, I will email you a fresh download link. Remember, download links expire in 48 hours. I am always happy to resend them though.

I don’t have a PayPal account. How can I go about purchasing?

In these rare circumstances, I will take a check. I will email you your books once payment is received. Email me for more information.

How is the new workbook & teachers guide different from the one book previously?   Does it contain the same information?  Does Primary Language Lessons have any curriculum for 4th grade and beyond?

The workbook contains the same information as the hard cover, but I did change a few to reflect modern times. (ex. I changed Decoration Day to Memorial Day, or a buggy ride to a car ride, etc. and I updated the letter writing lessons.)

I also added some Teacher Helps, but the Teacher Book sold I think has answers, sample narrations etc. I mostly gave information on grammar for those who use it with older kids and wanted more of a ‘grammar lesson’.

There is Intermediate Language Lessons that follows Primary Language Lessons. It is for the 4th-6th grades.

I was wondering if you still needed to buy the textbooks that are from the past or if these workbooks are instead of it. My Father’s World recommended the textbooks. Does the workbooks make it more student independently lead than me teaching it?

The workbooks are an all-in-one, so the hardback text is not necessary. The workbooks provide a space for the student to write out their answers. When I began using ILL with my kids, especially my son, it was tough for him to look back and forth when copying, so I started typing up his lessons so he can copy on the same sheet. This worked well and that is how the workbooks came about.

Is your PLL workbooks compatible with the Teacher’s Manual by Catherine Andrews and Mary Jane Newcome?

Yes, it should work fine.