Twice A Year Bible Reading Plan — 4 Comments

  1. I put this in calendar form and come up short. The way you have it set up, I could read the Bible through almost three times. I also notice that in week 18, the first day, there is a typo. You have Isaiah 41-20, but it should read Isaiah 41-50.

    • Hi Jim. Thank you for your comment and letting me know of the typo. I will revisit the schedule and correct the flaw. My apologies if it did not work out for you. I appreciate the feedback.

  2. Hello Cynthia!
    I stared using your twice through the bible plan this year. I love it so far! I did want to point out that I did not see the book of Zechariah, so I added it to the end of the plan. I’m excited to continue to use this plan, and I thank you for putting it all in an easy to follow chart.
    Best to you!

    • Yikes! Thank you Emily for the feedback. I will get that corrected. I haven’t been able to use the two-year plan since I began working outside the home, so I appreciate you letting me know.

      I pray the Lord blesses you as you read and meditate on his word every day.

      Have a wonderful day,

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