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Our Daily Routine Week 8

Cynce's Place Week In Review: Week 1-4

I had planned on doing weekly reviews this year, but our days seem so alike. I feel like I will just be repeating myself.

I guess with the Robinson Curriculum, the days pretty much look the same.

  • Math
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Science, a more textbook approach which I added this year.

So that I don't neglect my blog any further, I shall record some of what the kids have done the past few weeks.

MaryEllen has been doing well in Saxon Algebra 1/2. I did buy the DVD's from Mr. Reed for future reference or if she gets in a bind. For some reason, the word 'algebra' is intimidating her.

I try to let her know that algebra isn't hard if you understand what you have been taught up until that point. As long as you continue to understand and master your lessons, it shouldn't be hard. So far, she hasn't struggled in any areas. She has been completely self taught since we began Saxon about 3 years ago.

Donnie is almost done with Saxon Math 7/6; I think he has less than ten lessons. He has also been self taught these last 3 years and is doing wonderful. He still dawdles some, but that is getting better as time goes on.

Right now I have them doing writing together. They pretty much do the same thing. First they do a short lesson in Fix It. They find the errors and rewrite the passage. This is working out great.

IEW Fix It - Donnie
Donnie's IEW Fix It
IEW Fix It - MaryEllen
MaryEllen's IEW Fix It - After correcting, they copy the selection with corrections, each day adding to the previous days selection. This helps them identify when a new paragraph is starting.

After Fix It, they do a few pages in their Building Skills. I bought this to further their critical thinking skills.

Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 2 & 3

Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 3
MaryEllen does two pages a day in her Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 3
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 3
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 3
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 2
Donnie also does two pages a day in his Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 2
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 2

Then they spend a few minutes going over their roots for the week which comes from English from the Roots Up. I have them read the derivatives and sometimes we will read the page from the book which is very informative. We just finished Book 1 and the kids are now studying for their 100 roots test, which is at the end of next week.

Then they do some copywork in cursive. Right now they are finishing up The Ten Commandments. Next they will begin copying various chapters from the Psalms.

Ten Commandments Copywork - MaryEllen
MaryEllen's Ten Commandment's Copywork
Ten Commandments Copywork - Donnie
Donnie's Ten Commandments Copywork

Next comes writing. They just finished The Writing Course last week. This week they are working on an oral report per their dad. Next week we will begin IEW SICC-B.

Once writing is done, they will disappear into their room to read for an hour and a half. (Sometimes they do this first after breakfast) They read two chapters from their Bible, and the rest of the time they read from a history type book and from a literature book. Right now MaryEllen is reading 'The Story of Liberty' and 'Oliver Twist'; Donnie is reading 'A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett' and Robinson Crusoe'.

Lastly, they do science. This year, it being MaryEllen's 7th grade year, I added Apologia's General Science to her list. It has been working out great. She wasn't too excited about the extra reading and work, but after 8 weeks, she has adapted wonderfully. Here are her first three test scores. She is getting better as she goes.

General Science-Tests for Modules 1-3

I type up the study guide and summary module for her to do before she takes the test. Similar to Saxon, she goes over the ones she misses, sometimes reading the explanation from the answer book.

Apologia General Science Module Summary

Apologia General Science Study Guide 2

Apologia General Science On Your Own

Donnie is doing E-Science which is working out great also. A few weeks ago, he made a hover craft, which I need to blog about, and next week, we will have fun growing crystals.

Sadly, typing hasn't been done the last week and a half. We have been starting studies late, and haven't made it a priority. This week, we haven't done a drawing lesson either. MaryEllen draws everyday, but she is also learning from the course.

That pretty sums up our days. It looks the same everyday, so I don't blog about it daily.


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1 thought on “Our Daily Routine Week 8

  1. Dee

    I know exactly what you mean about not posting weekly because your weeks sort of all look alike. 😉 I go through this as well.

    I love all the work pages! They are doing so well! Their copywork is so neat.

    We are almost finished with our Thinking Skill book and I already have level 2 on the wishlist. It was nice to show this post to Joshua so that he could see that another boy was also doing the Thinking Skills book...he's not that crazy about it, but I tell him that it will help him with his math word problems, and it really has helped.

    Can't wait to hear about how you like IEW. We are absolutely in love with this writing program. 🙂

    Many Blessings,



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