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MaryEllen Was Chosen…

Last week MaryEllen got a letter from Focus on the Family letting her know that she was chosen to illustrate a story in their Clubhouse Magazine. 🙂 This will be their annual subscriber's magazine where all the content is from kids. We are very proud of her!

I did not scan the sample she sent in, so I am showcasing some of her recent work. You can see her drawing for the magazine when it comes out in August. I will also post it here in August.

You can click on the pictures to see them larger.

This one she actually drew in January for her cousin.

She loves carousels! This cat and the horse below are samples of her carousel pictures. I like the elephant peeking out.
Cat Carousel - MaryEllen
Carousel Horse - MaryEllen

This picture at first sight reminded me of Toothless and Hiccup. Before it was colored, I actually thought it was them until I noticed the dragon's ears and tail and the boy had both his legs. 🙂
Dragon and Boy - MaryEllen
Toothless and Hiccup

We are on to fantasy now. She also likes to draw dragons. She finished The Chronicles of Narnia a few months back and started drawing centaurs.
Centaur - MaryEllen

This one she made for her Uncle Joe. I like the colors.
Flying Dragon - MaryEllen

This one has a horn like a unicorn. Look at the eyes, looks ghostly.
Flying Dragon - MaryEllen

This one is pretty neat with his rider.
Dragon and Boy - MaryEllen

This is a cute one, parent and child. Maybe the kid dragon is learning to fly.
Parent and Child Dragon - MaryEllen

Okay, this one looks mean. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. 🙂
Dragon - MaryEllen

This one looks more friendly.
Dragon - MaryEllen

I like when she colors them. I like the colors she chose on this one. I think she drew this one for her sister.
Dragon - MaryEllen

A serpent type dragon. Very creative.
Serpent Dragon - MaryEllen

Last, but not least, a pretty flower dragon...I guess. This is one of my favorites for some reason. Must be the girliness, if that is a word. 🙂
Flower Dragon - MaryEllen

So, which is your favorite?




2 thoughts on “MaryEllen Was Chosen…

  1. Dee

    Cynthia, Congratulations to your daughter! This is so awesome! I told you she was going to be an illustrator one day. lol! I just knew it! It's hard to pic a favorite because they are all so good, but the two that I love are the one that's a birthday card with all the horses on the birthday table, and I also really love the one with the boy and the boy leaning his head on the dragon. May the Lord continue to bless her talent for His kingdom!


    Dee 🙂

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