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A Little About Our Week

Here are a few samples of the kids work for this week.

Vocab 12MaryEllen finished vocabulary list 12. We have the kids do the vocabulary in order, and not by book. They take an average of 10 words a week. They study the words and do word finds and crosswords and then when they are ready, they take the quiz. I use this sheet for the quiz. It says, 'Matching Game,' but I keep it out of their packet and give it to them when they are ready to test.

Here is Donnie's.

Vocab 8They both have been doing real well with their vocabulary. They go at their own pace. Usually, they will do a list every 2 weeks unless it is a short one like Lesson 8, which they both did in a week.

Book ReportMaryEllen finished Summer of the Lost Limb last week, so she wrote a short summary. She is now reading Alice In Wonderland.

Alice In WonderlandHere is MaryEllen's current read, Alice In Wonderland. She also reads the Bible (currently Leviticus). She reads for an hour and a half with the other half for vocabulary study. This is her assigned reading. I have the books I want her to read in a basket, and she chooses which book she will read, so there is no particular order.

Tiger and TomDonnie reads a story from Tiger and Tom along with his Bible (Exodus currently) and he just finished Winter's Folly. He, too, has a basket of books.

Winter's FollyDonnie just finished this book on Tuesday. Now he can pick another book from his basket.

Donn'es CopyworkDonnie is doing copywork right now to work on his neatness, spacing and bringing tails under the line. He has come a long way and I am proud of his accomplishments. I was having him do Intermediate Language Lessons, but I decided to stop and concentrate on copywork. He will do similar sheets each week until August. Then I will determine if he could begin The Writing Course.

This week, he is copying Psalms 1, a short poem and the first stanza of the hymn, What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Each week I will make up something similar, gradually making them longer. (I am making these available to my newsletter subscribers in the download area. If you aren't a subscriber, you can be by joining using the form at the top of this web page. )

I forgot to take a picture of MaryEllen's writing assignments from The Writing Course. 🙁 She watches a video every 2-3 lessons and then writes.

They both have continued to do well in their math. MaryEllen is doing great in Saxon76 and Donnie in Saxon 65.

That is pretty much it for their academics.

MaryEllen is beginning her typing which we planned for her to do 3x a week.


Make it a great week,

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