Our 2013-2014 Homeschool Plans — 9 Comments

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 You are welcome!

      Simplicity, at least for us, is key. We are still with the basics of the 3r’s and RC.

      Have a fabulous homeschooling year…and beyond! 😀

  1. This looks really great! Some of these things I wasn’t familiar with at all –the Student of the Word and SAT writing course. Are you going to have a booklist for each of you kids as you did last year?

  2. Hey, looks like a fabulous line up. Sheesh, still haven’t worked out the kinks in our scheduling yet. Next week we should have ours up too. I will be linking a few things back to you *smile*
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Sheri,
      I am looking forward to reading your post next week. 🙂 I always glean so much from your blog. Your organization makes me look dysfunctional. LOL!


  3. Hi, Cyne, you are doing so well with the kids. I wish I could send my kiddos to your school 😉 at times I feel like such a failer as a homeschooling mom. Once again we’ll be trying something new. You’d think after 10yrs. of homeschooling I’d get something right. At least Josh and Annette are setteled in with what they are using. Hopefully this year will be the other kiddo’s year.

    Looks like you really changed things up this year. I like all your plans.

    Miss you,
    Linda <

    • Hi Lou,
      You are not alone! I sometimes feel like such a failure too, especially when things don’t turn out like I planned. You will find your groove with the younger ones.

      Last year, I tried making too many changes that it flopped, so I kept it more simple this year.


      • ditto here! I tried to fancy up RC and failed miserably, lol. Back to the basics for me too. More is definitely not better! ;^)