I Have A Fourteen Year Old! — 9 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday MaryEllen!!! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of this special day. I love seeing you all and can’t wait to see you this summer. Love the cake! And tell Dad “good job” on getting you flowers. You are a beautiful young lady! <3

  2. I let MaryEllen read all y’alls Happy Birthday wishes. Thanks for sending them, it put one of those beautiful smiles on her face.

    Sending blessings your way,

    • Thanks Lou! We miss y’all too. The kids often wish we lived closer. When MaryEllen smiles, she lights up. I love her smile. She got Don’s cheek to cheek smile which I am glad of. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mary Ellen! I love the way you guys decorate your cakes! They come out so pretty! How to train your dragon is one of Adam’s favorite movies, and he’s 18. He loves it so much that I bought it for him this Christmas and he said it was one of his favorite gifts–I love it too. I love the bracelet, too. It’s so different and unique! And how sweet of Donnie to let her pick out something special at Target! I love it!

    Enjoy your special day, Mary Ellen! You are blessed to have such an awesome family that loves you!


    • ps The flowers are so pretty and so sweet a gift to get from your dad! All girls should receive flowers from their dads!!!

    • Yay, another How To Train Your Dragon fan! Don and I even enjoyed watching it again. We still laugh at certain spots and tear at others. MaryEllen can narrate the whole movie, practically word for word. She even knows when Don will say one of his comments like the scene that reminds him of the Titanic. It is too funny! He doesn’t even realize he says that every time! lol! It is amazing how long she has stuck to that movie. I know it will always be a favorite, but for 3 years now, it has been her top movie, even with others coming out. She so wishes dragons were real. 🙂

      I thought the flowers were a great idea. Daddy did awesome!!

  4. Happy Birthday MaryEllen. The cake looks fantastic. The bracelet is beautiful. That also looks like one awesome dragon book. My son loves dragons as well.

    • Thanks for stopping by Stacie! Dragons are pretty neat. These books are written as if true so they seem more interesting. They give tips on drawing them (anatomy) and also on how to colorize them in a drawing program. The pictures are beautiful and colorful. Some of the dragons look scary, but most are distinguished looking.