{Click 365} Helping Auntie, Our New Toothpaste, and Books — 9 Comments

  1. That volcano pancake looks so fun! I can see why it would be family favorite.

    Your comment about ironing spoke to my heart — it’s been one of the household duties that has always felt burdensome and like a chore. I loved the gentle nudge from the Spirit as I read your comment and know it is an area I need to work on finding JOY in the job!

    Earthpaste — I admire you for using it….hehe! I have a tube sitting here (the cinnamon flavor) and nobody but me will use it — and even then its not my first choice.

    • I am so glad that small comment blessed you. 🙂 Listening to the sermons has helped tremendously. If I iron at a different time, then I listen to christian music via the radio and whisper praise and prayers during this time. I pray you “find joy in the job”. 🙂

      The Earthpaste was worth a try. I think I’ll use it for the summer only though when my coconut oil based toothpaste liquifies…I’ve grown fond of the toothpaste I make. 🙂 Donnie seems to like it, so I will continue to buy it for him.

  2. Your volcano pancake looks just like a German pancake! I have to laugh about the coconut oil and toothpaste – I use coconut oil in my deodorant, so the kids think anything with coconut oil is gross. I also use my deodorant to brush my teeth, LOL! (It’s coconut oil and baking soda). What’s in the Earthpaste?

    What a beautiful talent to be able to draw!

    Glad your kids are enjoying your posts. I actually got a pic of my 15 year old this week!

    • So far the Earthpaste is working out well. I like my toothpaste better though. 🙂 I am not sure what it is. The only thing with the coconut oil toothpaste is that it liquified in the summer making it hard to scoop out. That is another reason I went on the search for another toothpaste…for the summer. Anyway, it contains: clarified water, food grade Redmond clay, xylitol, peppermint essential oil, menthol, Redomond real salt, tree tea oil. The only ingredient I can do without is the xylitol.

      Me too! I do remember the days when I didn’t like my picture taken. Still don’t really. 🙂

      • I did my table clinic presentation on xylitol in dental hygiene school – it is actually good for your teeth as it is anticariogenic! (meaning, it helps prevent cavities!)

        That is a pain about coconut oil – I keep it in a cool spot, but I don’t use it regularly to brush my teeth – only in a pinch!

        I don’t like my picture taken either – it’s hard to get a good one of me. I say you have to take 7 to get one good one. 😀

        • I hear ya with taking multiple pictures before finding a good one. 🙂

          Hmm, okay, well that is good to know (about xylitol). Thanks! I am still new and learning about all this health stuff. It is enough to make your head whirl sometimes, but it is fun at the same time.

  3. Hi, Cynce, we use Earthpaste too. I like the cinnamom but haven’t tried the other ‘flavors’ yet. I hear ya about some of the other ‘natural’ toothpaste. I stopped buying Tom’s. There are a few others I buy that I think could have less ingredients but I get them anyway for the kids like Spry and Natures Gate. I use this one too

    Lupe will use all of them but prefers the Natures Gate or Spry so I continue to get those brands.

    • I am going to get Donnie cinnamon next time because he said the peppermint is too strong. He isn’t a peppermint kind of guy, but I didn’t think, from the reviews, that it would be strong like ‘regular’ toothpaste.

      That toothpaste at the link you gave looks good. I like the tree tea oil in it.

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