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  1. Wow! An eventful week and all captured and documented as treasured moments. Brr….cold, especially losing power for so long. We are on a well, too, and know the electricity affects. (((hugs))) to the little girl next door. My dd is 3rd grade and I just couldn’t imagine 40 min. on a bus everyday. So precious that she remembered your family.

    And, LOVE your lapdesk! It has the verse I have based my word of the year on {be still}.

  2. Hi, Cynce, sorry about your 10yr. old bowl. That is a bummer. Love the pics of Donnie working with Don. I’ve been meaning to make coconut milk like forEVER. It’s so easy too and 0.41 compared to a can of it, can’t beat that.

    • You sound like me. It took me forever to give coconut milk a whirl, it being so simple and all. I buy Bob Redmill’s coconut at Big Lots for $5.50 for 24 oz. I did the math, but I don’t remember the actual numbers, so the $0.41 is an estimate. 🙂

      I’ve been wanting this lap desk ever since I got them for you and Reff that one year. Every time I was at Christianbook, I looked, but didn’t buy. With MaryEllen drawing so much in her bed, I thought a lap desk would be great and thought of the one I got y’all. Amazing how we will get things for others, but not ourselves. Well, I eventually got mine. Yay!! I love it!!

  3. Good Morning, We have a very old van that my dear Husband won’t give up on it has sat for 2 yrs. —-not running…..I am driving his hand me down work car and am blessed every time it starts up for me!
    I have never done coconut milk, you use it as an alternative to dairy?
    The lids I have not seen in my area. They would be very handy. Our weather is much colder with about 12in.of snow on the ground. We have not lost power so far this year. It has been a challenge to keep the kids happy with so much inside time because of the cold. We have had a lot of below O days.
    We are very ready for spring, although I must say that the sunny days are quite beautiful. 🙂
    Blessing to you and yours.

    • Hi Peggy, Yes, I use the coconut milk as an alternative to dairy. A few years ago I started getting bad sinus issues and allergies, so I cut most of my dairy out. I say most because sometimes I’ll have cheese, my only weakness in the dairy category.

      Wow, 12″ of snow! We had snow one day, 2″. 🙂 We have been stuck inside too, looking forward to this week when we are suppose to get into the 70’s, not exactly hot, but better than the 40’s and 50’s for sure.

      The van usually gets stubborn with starting in cold weather, but now that I mention it, it hasn’t been a problem this winter. While I’ll be…!! Feeling blessed now. 🙂

  4. Interesting indeed! I didn’t even think to make coconut milk when I bought some a few weeks ago, though it IS very easy and I’ve made it before. I will have to try it again. The ReCap lids look awesome! I have plastic screw on caps and use them daily. Love your daily captures!

    Hope you have a great week!

  5. Our old van had 212 thousand miles on it when we gave it away. Many memories and parts! It is still on the road. The family we gave it to continues to put parts into it.
    Love the lids. I have never seen one before. Going to find some for sure.
    Pretty bowl. I usually save the chipped and cracked ones for plants.
    We have been blessed to not have the ice and not have any loss of power.
    I am looking at your study on Revelation. Have been looking for one for a while.
    Have a blessed week!

  6. Wow that is along time to be without power. I remember when we lived in the country that when the power went out it meant no toilets either, that was always the hardest part. We use lapdesks a lot around here, but I just realized mine might have a hole it in, that would be such a bummer if it does. I would definitely get a new one, I use it too much. 🙂

    • I hear ya on the toilets! I am loving my lap desk. My daughter draws 24/7 and in the evening she draws mostly while sitting on her bed, so this lap desk is working out great for her too. Wow, a hole, it must be used A LOT! 🙂

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