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A Cute Christmas Poem On Dads

I thought this poem was cute, especially because the kids and I were thinking the other day about how we can make Christmas special for dad. He does SO much and I know he know we appreciate and love him for all he does, but just baking his favorite cookie or making a small gift would be a fun way for us to SHOW him.

Just me brainstorming. Anyway, I thought it was neat how I bumped into this poem.

Dad's Christmas

How about Christmas for dear old dad?
Let's give him the best one he ever has had.
He thinks of the best things for Santa to bring,
But he always gets just the same old thing.

Handkerchiefs, neckties, of red, white and blue.
And maybe a cheap cigar or two.
He always smiles, and says he's glad,
But it's always the same. It's quite too bad!

Find out something dad really wants, this year,
If you're smart, you can do it—that's very clear!
And earn the money with which to pay
For it, yourself, this Christmas Day.

For most of the presents we all of us get
Have dad behind them, you just can bet!
For mother, sister, baby or Will,
Grandma or auntie—dad pays the bill!

This year dad's shall be the best present I give.
He'll remember this Christmas as long as he'll live,
As the year when he really got presents, you know.
Don't all of you boys want to do just so?

Have a blessed Merry Christmas,