Are You Afraid Of The Dark? — 3 Comments

  1. Yes! I grew up in the country.I know dark. We have lived in town for 30 yrs. and it is never really dark.Although my children still go through that afraid of the dark stage.
    Your pictures were great! Glad that the van didn’t suffer any damage.
    I have enjoyed your blog and all the pages you make.Thank you for sending them out.

    • Hi Peggy,
      We have lived out here for about 5 years, but never had any long outages. I grew up with street lights, so what I thought was dark really wasn’t. Even with the lights out at night, there was always a night light or a glow from a street light. It wasn’t fear of something jumping out at me, but more of not being able to use my sense of sight…if that makes sense. If I was younger, I am sure my imagination would have run wild. LOL! It really made me thankful for the sight I do have even though it isn’t perfect.

      I am so glad you have enjoyed my blog and the items I share. Creating and sharing is something I enjoy doing, sort of a labor of love. 🙂