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Free Old Time Math Book – Olney’s

Oh wow, let's see, about 5 years ago I converted Olney's math into a workbook for the kids. We were also using Ray's Arithmetic at that time too. This was pre-RC.

While being bored the other day and going through the tons, did I say tons, of files on my hard drive, I came across this ole book. Maybe others can benefit from it.

It includes Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. I never did get to the chapter on Fractions.

It looks like the pdf didn't save the font I used, so the type is spaced a little odd, but it doesn't take from the workbook. I most likely used a free pdf or one that did not save fonts. Hey, five years ago I was new to all this. 😉

Olney's Primary Arithmetic Workbookdownload Primary Arithmetic - Addition & Subtraction

Primary Arithmetic - Multiplication & Division

Here is the Teacher's Manual that goes along with the books.

Like all the older stuff on my hard drive, it has my old website address. I don't have the original file, not sure where it is. I wasn't that organized back then. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Free Old Time Math Book – Olney’s

  1. Darla Coker

    Thank youfor sharing this great book. The link for the addition and subtraction props of the book are broken. Is there another link you might have for me to try? Thanks!


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