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{Click 365} Sickness, Rest, and Planning

A relaxing week with one of my favorite magazines and puzzles. A little sickness crept in, but thankfully it was only for a few days.

Let's Click 365 Days

This week we had a little sickness creep in. MaryEllen felt under the weather with chills, a temperature and throwing up. It began Monday while running errands. We headed home early so that she can be more comfortable. Tuesday she was ill all day.

{Sunday, March 2nd}

This was a relaxing day. My Homeschool Enrichment magazine came in a few days prior, so I was able to sit down and read the March/April issue.

If you haven't yet subscribed to a homeschooling magazine, you should try HomeschoolEnrichment. You can see their digital copy online. You will need to sign up to their website to view it.

Homeschool Enrichment Magazine

{Monday, March 3rd}

I love puzzles! Sudoku is one of my favorites. My grandma actually got me into puzzles. When I lived with her, she would spend her evenings doing puzzles, even while watching TV.

Don thought of me when he found this electronic Sudoku on clearance for $5 at Staples. It is pretty nifty! He will usually bring home small books of Sudoku or crossword puzzles for me. I enjoy doing them before bed if I am not in the mood to read. They come in handy during doctor visits or any other place where you have to wait.


{Tuesday, March 4th}

This is the day MaryEllen wasn't feeling well. She was feeling a little sore in her throat when she woke up, so I made her some tea with ginger and garlic. This tea is actually pretty good. I put the tea in her mug that features her kitten, Little Miss. We don't have her any more, just her memory.

She is feeling all better now, but her appetite still has not recovered fully.

Sore Throat Tea

{Thursday, March 6th}

Sundance's excitement for the day was a beagle. We do not know where he came from, he just showed up in the neighborhood this week. She would run from window to window following him. She looked so cute. The beagle did not even know he was being watched.

Sundance watching  a Beagle

(He looked when the flash went off. Busted!)

Sundance watching a Beagle

{Friday, March 7th}

My head is spinning with thinking of high school next year. My planning should be done, and I thought it was, but I once again am thinking. Maybe I am thinking too much. 😉

I've read Lee Binz's book on transcripts and am now reading her other one on college preparation. They are great books and I recommend them both.

My Arts of Language catalog came in from Excellence in Writing, so I am now planning a few courses from there.

High School Planning

{Saturday, March 8th}

Chocolate! Who doesn't like chocolate. I've been thinking of my mom a lot lately. It is hard to believe this month it has been FIFTEEN years since I last sat and had a cup of tea or coffee with her.

I bumped into this recipe for Eskimo Cookies in my recipe box, and like a lot of things lately, it reminded me of her. I had copied it from her recipe box after she died.  My dad let me go through her recipes and I copied (or kept) a few. This was one of them. It was a favorite when we were still at home.

Eskimo Cookies

I hope y'all had a great week.



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2 thoughts on “{Click 365} Sickness, Rest, and Planning

  1. Whispered Abundance

    I'm behind on visiting and do hope that everyone is feeling well now. High School planning is a little difficult but,for me I think I found it a little easier than trying to pick out a phonics program, etc. with the little ones.

    Sunday Blessings!

  2. Terrie

    I love your cat! He's adorable! Ugh, high school. I have a few more years till then but I can already feel the anxiety rising. You'll do fine though! Just make sure you keep lots of those yummy chocolate cookies around!e


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