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  • Big Update Concerning this Website.
    To anyone who happens upon this page, or visits here often, this is Cynthia’s daughter, and I have a solemn announcement.
  • Breaking The Silence
    Why did God choose to silence Zacharias? I believe this was a sign to Israel that God was about to speak to them after being silent for over 400 years through his Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus, the second person of the Godhead, was going to be manifest in the flesh.
  • The Jews’ Religion
    Let us see what Jesus taught about the Pharisees. We see that he encountered them a lot. He has quite a bit to say to them and about them. From these conversations, we can know what Jesus thought of them and their teachings. Nothing in the bible is there by accident or coincidence. Jesus wanted us to be aware of these people, not only as false prophets, but as a teaching that is contrary to Jesus’ teaching and God’s word itself.