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We have used Saxon Math for 2-1/2 years now. The kids began with Saxon 54 and now are in Saxon 76. For the 2011-2012 school year, I made up a log to record their test and timed test scores.

We are still using the one for the tests, but haven't used the timed test sheet in a while. Actually, I don't have the kids do the timed tests.


Saxon Math Test Score Sheet

Saxon Test Score Sheet

 We use the 2nd editions, and so far, as my memory serves me, with Saxon 54 & 65, there are 28 tests. The kids are currently in Saxon 76, which has 28 tests. I believe the third editions of Saxon 54, 65, 76, & 87 have 23 tests. If you are using a newer version, you can cross through the last 5 rows.

As far as the Grading Scale goes, you can use it or chuck it. In Art Reed's book, Using John Saxon's Math Book, he put a lot of emphasis on their test scores. This is the reason if they miss more than 6 or more, they will have to re-do the lessons and the Supplementary Practice. You can just have them re-do the lessons. So far, we haven't had to do either.

Download Saxon Math Test Score Sheet


Saxon Math Timed Test Score Sheet

Saxon Timed Test Score Sheet

Again, this is made for the 2nd editions of Saxon Math 54-87. If you use the later editions, you can just cross through the unneeded rows. There are 3 pages up to Lesson 138.

Download Saxon Math Timed Test Score Sheet


Saxon Algebra 1/2 Test Score Sheet

Saxon Algebra 1/2 Test Score SheetWe are using the 3rd edition of Saxon Algebra 1/2.

Download Saxon Algebra 1/2 Test Score Sheet




I hope everyone's week is going great! I feel much better this week! Yay!

This weeks freebie is geared to the 2nd grade crowd out there. It consists of 17 math word problems. How many of you enjoyed word problems in school? I remember not liking them. 🙂 Now that I am older, I see the importance of them. The kids really don't say much about word problems...I guess that is a good thing.

It also has an area to draw a picture for each problem. This is great for all those artists out there. MaryEllen and Donnie like to draw all around their math notebooks. That is the great thing about homeschooling because I know they wouldn't be accepted that way in the public school. I do understand why too, because sometimes it is difficult to correct.

Okay, enough jabber and on to the freebie.

October Math Word ProblemsDownload October Math Word Problems - 2nd Grade




This week, I have a simple Friday Freebie. It is a numbers chart I made over a year ago when Donnie was in Saxon 54. The book had him writing out numbers like 326 or 1548. He didn't know how to spell thirty, or one hundred, etc. So I made him this chart for reference. He kept it in his math book.

He no longer needs it today!! Hopefully it will be helpful to someone. I will keep this up as a permanent freebie.

Download Numbers Chart




Today we downloaded the new division game from Big Brainz, the makers of TimezAttack!

TimezAttack Division Game

The basic level is free, but it goes through all the facts up to twelve. So far, Donnie is the one playing it. Maybe tomorrow MaryEllen will give it a go.

Even though, the kids know their multiplication quite well, and because they know that division is basically finding the missing number, I don't think the game will actually teach them division, but I am hoping it will help with speed.

We went ahead and purchased the full version. They are offering $10 off if you have purchased TimezAttack before. So, we ended up paying $19.99...not too bad. 🙂

Now, this is the kid who does not like doing math!! He is happily doing division...maybe because it is easy or maybe because it is fun!! Either way, I think it is great. Now let's see about tomorrow when he has to do long division out of his math book... 😉

Until next time,

I found these on my hard drive that I had made for the kids a while back. Maybe someone can use them.

I call them, 'Solving Division Practice.' I made them to help cement the concept that division is the reverse of multiplication.

There is a worksheet for numbers 2-9.

Download Expired. Come back next Friday for a new freebie.


Timez Attack: Fun Multiplication Computer GameTimez Attack is a fun computer game to help your kids cement the multiplication tables into their brains. 🙂

They have a wonderful FREE version where all the multiplications, up to 12, are taught. The paid version adds different scenery and I think the pace is increased.

Remember those timed drills in school? I use to enjoy those. Your paper was face down on the desk and the teacher would say, 'ready, set, GO!' and on 'go', everyone turned their papers over and began to answer the problems before the timer rang. Man, what a rush! That might have been the only thing I enjoyed about school. LOL!