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Our 2011-2012 School Year Begins


I found out that the public school in our are began last Friday, August 5th!! And I thought we were beginning before them. lol! Usually they do not begin until the middle of August. Funny because I thought they were cutting the school year by a week or so. Hmm.

Anyway, we began on Sunday. So far so good.

Our basics are reading, math and writing. MaryEllen is in the beginning of Saxon 76 and Donnie is finishing up Saxon 65. MaryEllen scored a 100% percent on her lesson today, so she receives a free subject pass. She can use it whenever she wants to get out of doing any subject. Yay!!

Normally they get a free subject pass for getting 3 100% in a row, but this was MaryEllen's first 100%, so it deserved a pass!

They both began The Writing Course yesterday. They sit and listen to Mr. Lybrand and then they do their assignment. I check them while they read and we go over it usually in the evening. He has videos to for them to watch, but I might have them watch those the next go-round.

Reading is to be 2 hours, but I have let them read for little over an hour. Next week, it is going to be 2!! They read out of the Bible, Exploring Creation With Human Anatomy and then their current literature read.

Vocabulary comes with the RC curriculum, but we are going to put it aside and finish English From the Roots Up. We will most likely take 2+ years to get through both volumes, then we will resume with RC or some SAT program.

This year we are going to learn Jewish Bible History. This will be during story hour in the evening a couple times a week.

Here are some of the work the kids did this week.

Donnie's Writing Course Lesson


MaryEllen's Writing Course Lesson


Donnie's Written Narration for Anatomy


MaryEllen's Written Narration For Anatomy


MaryEllen's Anatomy Notebooking Page


Donnies' Anatomy Notebooking Page


Well, I guess that is all for now.


3 thoughts on “Our 2011-2012 School Year Begins

  1. Linda

    Hi, Cynce, hopefully we'll start sometime in Sept. I won't be able to purchase Joshua's BJ Distance Learning until then. Yikes! My first year with nothing ready. Glad you are though;) it was nice chatting with you today.

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