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MaryEllen Finished Her Math Book – Saxon 65!

Now it is on to Saxon 76!!

By finishing her math book, she has earned a free day of be used whenever she chooses.  How exciting!!

I had her do the tests until she missed more than one. On test 3, she missed 3. They were simple, careless adding wrong. But, I decided to have her begin with Lesson 16 anyway even though it is mainly review.

She does need to work on her speed of doing her math facts. I had her do a few problems oral, and sometimes it would take her a while to add or subtract... usually 2 or more digits. In the next few weeks, we will begin doing oral problems like:

Where I would have her add orally to me. 

6 plus 3 is 9, plus 5 is 14, plus 2 is 16. Bring down the 6, carry the 1. 1 plus 1 is 2,  plus 2 is 4, plus 4 is 8, plus 5 is 13. The answer is  one hundred and thirty-six.

With time, I am sure it will bring up her fluency in adding. We will do the same with subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

She will be learning about negative numbers and plotting numbers on a graph. She will go more into geometry with finding the area of a triangle and also finding the degrees of each vertice. She will work more with decimals and fractions.

Saxon 76

Yay for MaryEllen!!