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Every Penny Counts

One of my favorite places to shop for used books is Thriftbooks. Their prices are great and they include shipping, so I can get most books for 3.95 shipped, even hardbacks.

I also enjoy swapping books on Paperbackswap and Bookmooch. I find Paperbackswap to be more user friendly, but I have had good success at Bookmooch with a little more effort.

Well, I was in search of Lee Strobel's Case For Christ books for kids, which I began my search at Amazon. When I was there, I noticed they have the same series but geared toward the teenager. After finding this out, I decided to go this route instead.

Being the deal hunter, I went to another favorite place to shop, Christianbook. They had them priced less than Amazon plus I have a coupon for free shipping. So I added them to my cart. I then decided to add the kid series too, minus the first book because I already own it.

Then I had the crazy idea to check Thriftbooks. Unfortunately they did not have the books I was looking for.

Another idea popped into my head, Paperbackswap and Bookmooch. After a few searches, I found ALL the Case for Christ Student Editions at Paperbackswap, saving me about $25. They didn't have the 'kid' series, so those are still in my cart at Christianbook.


I was excited.

In my Thriftbook shopping cart from earlier this week, I had five books in there. I thought why not try and see if Bookmooch has any. I have about 60 credits at Bookmooch, so I thought I would try there first. I found three there! I checked Paperbackswap for the other two and found those too. Yay! This saved me another $18.


So, today I saved $43. I just had to share.