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Donnie Finished His Math Book: Saxon 65


A few days ago, Donnie finished Saxon 65 and has graduated to Saxon 76! Yay! He did very good in his Saxon 65 edition.

Donnie Starting His New Math Book: Saxon 76


Yes, he let me take a picture! He is happy with his new math book, mostly because the beginning is easy with lots of review. But I was told that it is beneficial to have them start from the beginning even though it is mostly review.

For finishing his math book, he earned a Free Study Day Pass. Needless to say he is excited. I am too! 😉

Free Day Pass




2 thoughts on “Donnie Finished His Math Book: Saxon 65

  1. Auntie Reff

    Good for you Donnie!! Glad to see you are working hard in school and completing your workbooks 🙂 I use to love math in elementary but then as it grew harder, I switched to English. What are your favorite subjects? Well, keep up the good work!!

    1. Cynce

      Donnie says, 'I like the Anatomy and I guess reading...if I didn't have to read so long. I have to read for two hours.'

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