Hey everyone! It has been a long while.

Today I wanted to share MaryEllen's entry for the Doodle4Google Contest. She wasn't one of the chosen, but I am too proud not to share. 🙂

She has begun to use the computer with her drawing. We finally set her up with her own desk and computer. She did this all digitally, one of her first projects.

Doodle4Google Entry

Here is a snippet from what she wrote on the entry form. "Drawing is something that I love to do, and I basically taught myself how. I also like to read fantasy and sci-fi books."

I think she did an excellent job. I am encouraging her to start her own blog, maybe as a summer project.

Hope y'all are doing fine. I will post again soon.


Well, since I don't have the time to update the memory gems, I decided to offer them as a free download. These are dated 2014, but can still be used. You can scratch out the old date and write in the new.

Memory Gems are simply sayings or poems that are great for memory work. They will have a theme or principle connected with them. They can be quotes of encouragement or wisdom to poems on nature and the world around us.


  • There is a Memory Gem for each day of the week, excluding Saturday & Sunday.
  • Have the student copy the selection in their best penmanship.
  • You can pick and choose which ones you would like your students to memorize.
  • Primary Lined
  • I added a calendar to the beginning that can be used any way you please. The student can list important dates, birthdays, etc.
  • There is a page with lines and a calendar where the student can write a little about the month or use it as a journal page of what happened during the month.

A sample of the selections for the month of February.
February Selections

Download February Memory Gems and Copywork


Lymphatic and Immune System Notebooking Pages
Wow, it has been ten months since I blogged last. I am peeking in today to put up another set of notebooking pages that I have sitting on my hard drive. I believe I have two more sets after this to put up.

This set is for the lymphatic and immune systems. If using Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, this would be for chapter 13.

Download Lymphatic and Immune System Notebooking Pages


Video - Lymphatic System

Video- Immune System


Cynces Place Disclosure Policy


Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

I have continued to listen to the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network whenever I get a chance. It has been a true blessing.

A few months back, I wrote a review of this encouraging website giving a little information on the shows I enjoyed.

So to recap, The Unltimate Homeschool Radio Network is run by Felice Gerwitz, a homeschooling mom and owner of Media Angels.

The site offers free podcasts on various subjects to encourage you along on your homeschooling and parenting journeys.

There is a calendar of shows with the times. A few of the shows are recorded live, but you can come back at a more convenient time and listen to the archived recordings. I am thankful for those archived recordings because the times, unfortunately, contradict my schedule.

Here are a few shows that I have been enjoying. ...continue reading Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network Review & $250 Shopping Spree


American Flag Lapbook

Flag day is coming up as is the Fourth of July. There are many days we fly the flag including Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

I made this a while back, but haven't added it to the website since I changed over four years ago. My how time flies!!

This set includes:

  • a text with all the information to fill out the lapbook components
  • the history of the flag
  • the meaning of the stars and stripes
  • the meaning of the colors red, white and blue
  • the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance
  • flag etiquette
  • saluting the flag
  • the meaning of the flag
  • and more...


American Flag Lapbook

The lapbook is in color, I just didn't have a color printer when I made this demo lapbook. 🙂American Flag Lapbook


American Flag Lapbook


American Flag LapbookI hope you enjoy learning and putting this American Flag Lapbook together.