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Free math word problems for March. These problems are about 4th grade level.

March Math Word Problems For 4th Grade

♫♫ It is beginning to look a lot like St. Patrick's day.♫♫ I am seeing a lot of green around the internet. I shall not be late this time. 😉

I have another set of math word problems. These are about the 4th grade level.

Since you are here, I'd like to remind you that I also have a set of St. Patrick's Day Notebooking Pages. These are great for writing stories on, narrations, dictation, copywork, journaling, letters, etc.

Download March Math Word Problems 4th Grade




One of our favorite breakfasts is Volcano Pancake. It is one recipe that I make that uses white flour. I tried other flours, but it just doesn’t come out the same. It is mostly egg, so I figure it isn’t too bad. I do try to balance out the flour the kids eat throughout the week. They aren’t completely wheat-free.

Let's Click 365 Days

We had a good week here in the Albright household.


One of our favorite breakfasts is Volcano Pancake. It is one recipe that I make that uses white flour. I tried other flours, but it just doesn't come out the same. It is mostly egg, so I figure it isn't too bad. I do try to balance out the flour the kids eat throughout the week. They aren't completely wheat-free.

Volcano Pancake


We drive up past Atlanta every week to visit the kids' grandma who is in a nursing home. Unfortunately, with the weather being what its been, we haven't made it up in three weeks. I'll admit, that it isn't the most exciting thing to do for the kids, but they sure do bring a smile to grandma's face. We have been making these weekly trips for 5-1/2 years with the occasional miss because of weather or illness.

The kids' aunt also lives up that way and we visit her too sometimes. Donnie is here helping Auntie out by putting air in her Jeep's tire. While he was doing that, MaryEllen was saying hello to Sammy, Auntie's dog.

Putting Air in Auntie's tire

MaryEllen Sammy

For the hour ride one-way, we listen to audiobooks. We began Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson. This is our first autobiography.


Every week, usually Monday or Tuesday, I iron Don's uniforms for work. It usually takes me an hour to an hour and a half. During this time I listen to my favorite preachers on the radio, Adrian Rogers and Charles Stanley.

Ironing use to be a chore! I did not look forward to it at all. There are still some times when I don't feel like ironing, but I have a different attitude about doing it and getting it done now.



MaryEllen's past-time is drawing. She has been drawing since she could first hold a crayon. I have saved most, if not all, of her drawings. If you like, you can see some of her recent drawing here. 🙂

It is so fun to watch her start with a blank page, then add shapes lightly, and soon it is an image. The Lord has really blessed her with this talent.

MaryEllen Drawing


Two books that I have been wanting came in today. I already started The Five Love Languages of Teenagers. I am terrible with reading too many books at one time. 🙂 I am trying to limit it to 3 or 4 at a time.

Teenage Books For Mom


I made a couple grain-free desserts this week. These grain-free 'oatmeal' raisin cookies were pretty good. The kids will eat what I try out and Don has even tried a few, but he can't get use to the coconut or almond flour texture. (I also made these Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes.)

Grain free oatmeal raisin cookies


Because of a dessert I made a while back using coconut oil, Donnie will sometimes have a hard time using the toothpaste I make, so I bought Earthpaste for him. If he tastes the coconut oil in the one I make, it sometimes makes him gag.

It is so hard to find a natural toothpaste out there. A lot of the ones that claim to be natural still have undesirable ingredients in them.


That was our simple week. I find I take more pictures now that I am part of the Let's Click 365 Days. I have never been good at taking pictures, even when the kids were small. Don is the one you will find with the camera.

The kids actually didn't mind me posting these...too much. 🙂

Have a great week,

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MaryEllen's Drawings

I thought I would share a little of what MaryEllen is drawing these days.

MaryEllen practically draws 24/7. I bet she even draws in her dreams. lol! She draws during story hour, she draws in the car, she draws while watching a movie (Except in the theater, although she has mentioned if she could find a way to, she would.), she draws during her free time, she draws at the coffee shop, at the doctor's office, during visits to see grandma, pretty much 24/7.

She is improving a lot on the art of drawing people. Now, I am no artist, but these are wonderful.

~You can click on these photos to make them larger.~

This first one is of Sundance, our kitty. She was drawing her while Sundance was lying on the bookshelf. My husband, Don, didn't know and went to pet Sundance which caused her to move, so MaryEllen didn't get her other paw.
Sundance - ©MaryEllen Albright

Here is Loki. I believe her favorite Marvel movies are the Thors. Loki is her favorite villain.
Loki - ©MaryEllen Albright

Loki again.
Loki - ©MaryEllen Albright

Here she made Loki as if he were a cat. I think she calls it humanizing.
Loki as a cat - ©MaryEllen Albright

Brotherly love. Loki and Thor in an embrace. They are also humanized as cats.
Thor and Loki as cats - ©MaryEllen Albright

Thor, her favorite Marvel character.
Thor - ©MaryEllen Albright

This one is of Raven from Teen Titans.
Raven from Teen Titans - ©MaryEllen Albright

Night Crawler is one of her favorite characters from The X-Men.
Night Crawler - ©MaryEllen Albright

There are her own creations of super-heroes I guess you would call them.
Her own creations - ©MaryEllen Albright

It is fun to watch her draw, the movement of her hand and arm, and seeing the shapes from an image. Pretty neato! The amazing thing is she draws these from memory, the detail and all. Granted, the characters look young, but I am sure with more practice, they will soon grow older. lol! She definitely has the determination and patience.




Let's Click 365 Days

Who is ready for spring? I know I am!! I am ready to garden and get outside.

Monday, February 10th, Don and Donnie worked on the car. Don replaced the water pump. Donnie supervised and got whatever Don needed. This is great because he learns the ins and outs on how the car works. Together they have done a few projects on this van. We are not sure how much longer we can keep mending her. Next year will be 10 years since we bought this car, used of course.

Working on the Car

Working on the Car

Tuesday, February 11th, I made some coconut milk. I have been making my own for a few months now. I actually like the flavor better and I still get the cream on top. I use this recipe. I find it does cost less than the cans, roughly $.041 for as much as a can will hold. Not bad!

I've been drying the coconut to grind into flour, but was thinking that it might not be a good idea since all the oils and such are taken out when made into milk. Does anyone know or have ideas on this?

I love the ReCap lids. They make pouring coconut milk, salad dressing, and honey so easy. They also come in pink, but not in the wide mouth just yet. I love the pink too.

Coconut Milk

Wednesday, February 12th, as I was taking down a bowl to put fruit in, I noticed it was cracked. We've had this bowl for over 10 years. I bought it when we lived in Brunswick, GA. The kids were toddlers back then. It came in a set of three, so I still have the other two. I like the country look of it. 🙂 I clicked a picture before I put it in the garbage. 🙁

Cracked Dish

Cracked Dish

On Wednesday, we lost power at about 8 am because an ice storm was going through these parts. I didn't even get to check my mail or the latest and greatest on Facebook. I was hoping it would be out for a few hours at least, but it was a few days. We got power back up on Thursday evening about 6 pm. I say a few days because it was pretty much all day Wednesday and all day Thursday. 🙂 Those were some long days.

Thursday, February 13th, I snapped these from the window when I woke up. We are all electric, so we had no heat or stove. Thankfully we had just gone grocery shopping and I had baked a chicken on Sunday night so we still had some in the refrigerator. The kids and I ate that with fruit. We also had cereal. It has been forever since I had cereal. I had mine with coconut milk. I have to say that I am thankful too that our temps could have been worse. We got down to 30 degrees at night and in the 40's during the day.

We were double-socked and clothed. We pretty much camped out in our beds. The laptop had some juice so the kids watched a movie. It is so amazing how much we depend on electricity.

Once the electricity came back on, we scrambled to make hot tea and turned on the heaters. Oh yeah, and flushed the toilets! We are on well water, so if we lose electricity, we lose water too. Thank the Lord we have two bathrooms.

Ice Storm

Ice Storm

Ice Storm

Friday, February 14th, the girl next door brought us a valentine. I thought that was sweet of her. She is in third grade and I feel for her when the school bus comes to pick her up at 6:45 am. A THIRD GRADER!!  She is one of their first pick-ups, so she spends about 40 minutes on the bus.


Saturday, February 15th. Donnie has been so sweet to let me use his lap-desk he got for Christmas to do my morning Bible Study. I have been doing it in my bed these days, except when Don goes in late and is still sleeping. I try to sit at the feet of Jesus first thing, usually about 7 am.

Right now I am doing a study on Revelation. Have you heard of Catherine Martin? The study is A Heart To See Forever: Embrace the promise of the eternal perspective. I have been learning a lot and really trying to focus on what is important.

Quiet Time

I've been wanting a lap-desk for like forever! After using Donnie's, it convinced me to order me one too. So, I did and the same day I clicked the above picture, my lap-desk arrived. Isn't it beautiful? (MaryEllen also got one for Christmas. Ours are the same.)


So that was my week, simply. I can't believe February is already half-way over. I am almost afraid to blink.

Have a blessed week. See ya next week,


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February Math Word Problems - 3rd Grade

I am a little late with the valentines. Actually, I didn't plan on making anything, but I was thinking it has been a while since I uploaded a freebie, so I decided on more math word problems which happened to be valentines day related, not all, but some. (Let's see how many commas I can add to that sentence!!) 😉

Now, I retrieved these problems from an old book, so the cost of supplies are in the cents, don't we wish eh? I didn't want to change the amounts as it is sorta fun to look at what things cost back when.

This is geared for the 3rd grade, but you can be the judge with your children's skill level.

It also includes a space to work out the problem and to draw a little something such as hearts, flags, etc., whatever the problem is talking about. This is great for the little artists in your family, the ones who enjoy drawing, but it can be used without drawing anything also.

Download February Math Word Problems

I hope your children enjoy these math word problems.


Dog clipart ©Lisa at



Let's Click 365 Days

Well, here are a few pictures I clicked this week. I guess this will bring y'all into my home and happenings and you will get to know more about the lady behind Cynce's Place. Is that a good thing?

This is what we have hanging above where our coffee pot is located. Don picked it out one day while shopping at consignment shops. He bought a few others, but I didn't want them all hanging up! He did buy one for my sister Linda, but she needs to visit us to get it. 😉

Truthfully, I never got this saying. Our local coffee shop has this also displayed which is where Don originally saw it, and when people comment about it I just chuckle along with them. Now I am guessing it means the caffeine will make you move quicker...not sure where the stupid comes in. Anyone?

Coffee Sign

Next is a picture of our bulletin board in the kitchen. It is a mess! While deciding to clean it up a bit, I decided to snap a picture. Lots of things go up here. Under all the paper are business cards for our dentist, doctor, vet, etc. Don's work schedule goes here too. Love how the emergency numbers are buried.

Kitchen Bulletin Board

I finally made some gummies. I bought molds for this reason, but it took me a while to actually try them. I got the recipe from here. These were very sour, but good. I am on the look out for different flavors.

Citric Gummies

I am going to cheat with this photo of the soup I made earlier this week which I wrote about here. It is a soup my mom use to make and that I hadn't had since before I can least a few decades. Don tells me I take too many pictures of our food. What can I say? The kids don't like me clicking away on them. Actually, I don't take too many pictures (besides food). Maybe this challenge will remedy that.

Albondigas Soup made with quinoa

Well, that is all I got this week. I am not very good at photography. I would love to take a class in photography, but it isn't in my time budget.

Have a blessed day,


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Albondigas Soup with Quinoa

So, the other day I was wondering how to use hamburger meat. Our most common meals are tacos, meatloaf, spaghetti and meatballs, and if I am in a rush and haven't planned I will cook chili mac.

Although the kids love meatloaf, I was wanting a change. With the colder weather, I thought soup. Hey, I thought, growing up mom use to make albondigas soup. It had been literally decades since I had albondigas (meatball) soup. Sadly mom isn't here for me to call up and ask for the recipe. So off to the internet I went in search of a recipe.

After searching and finding recipes that didn't sound like moms, she didn't add tomato sauce for one (at least I think she didn't), I finally found one that was close. Actually I found two and combined them. One didn't have rice, which I remembered was in the meatballs. The other added vegetables that I don't remember being in the soup, like green beans, but it did have the rice in the meatballs. Picky I know!

The first time I made the recipe, I made it with rice. The other day I decided to use quinoa in the place of rice. Quinoa is something I want to cook more with, but I am having a hard time with recipes. I actually bought a quinoa cookbook, but it hasn't arrived yet.

Albondigas Soup with quinoa - meatballs

It was a hit at our house. Funny because I do remember not liking or caring for meatball soup when I was growing up. I ate it because mom made it, but now I think it is delicious, especially on these cold evenings.

Albondigas Soup w/Quinoa
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6
  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 bunch cilantro, finely chopped
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • ¼ tsp garlic salt
  • ¼ tsp onion powder
  • 1 egg
  • ⅓ cup quinoa
  • 2 TBS coconut oil
  • 64 oz chicken broth
  • 4 large carrots, cut into ½" pieces
  • 3 stalks celery, cut into 1" pieces
  • 3 potatoes, cubed
  • celtic sea salt
  • black pepper
  1. For meatballs, combine the ground beef, ½ the cilantro, ½ the onion, garlic, garlic salt, onion powder, egg, and quinoa in a bowl.
  2. Shape into golf size meatballs.
  3. Set aside.
  4. In a large pot, cook remaining onion in coconut oil on medium-high heat until translucent, about 8 minutes.
  5. Add chicken broth, carrots, celery, and potatoes.
  6. Bring to a boil and carefully drop in the meatballs.
  7. Add in the remaining cilantro.
  8. Lower the heat and simmer for 45 minutes.
  9. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Albondigas Soup made with quinoa




Oh my goodness! The other day while looking for coin rollers, I found these stashed away with them. I totally forgot all about these.

Albright Bucks

The kids were about 5 and 6 years old. Wow, that was ages ago. 🙂

I used these like Awana Bucks. The kids earned them for good behavior, chores, Bible verses, etc. I would buy small items from the dollar store, Oriental Trading, and the like. Every few weeks or month, I can't remember, the kids would go shopping out of a bin I had stashed.

I created these in Photoshop Elements, I think it was version 5 (I actually just upgraded last year to 11). The hard drive that the original file is on is non-working at the moment. It is an external hard drive. It is so sad because all of my digital scrapbooking from 2005-2007 is on that hard drive.

My sister, Linda at Homeschooling6, is participating in a 'Let's Click 365 days,' so I thought I'd jump in...a little late. I am not sure how well I'll do, she is better at that kind of stuff than I am. But, here is my first. I might bunch them into one or two posts each week instead of every day.

Let's Click 365 Days


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Yikes!! Do I ever feel old. Not really though. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am an adult because I sometimes feel like that 25 year old is still living in my body. 🙂

MaryEllen turned fourteen in January. Even she can't believe she is fourteen!

We celebrated her birthday last Tuesday. It was a very cold day, so cold it snowed. Even in the low double-digit weather, daddy still grilled steaks for MaryEllen's birthday dinner. I was too busy staying warm in the house that I didn't get a picture. Donnie snapped these earlier that day.
Snow Day

Sundance Snow

MaryEllen baked a white cake and decorated it with the How To Train Your Dragon logo. I think it is from the cartoon
Dragons: Defenders of Berk.

We didn't have red food coloring or she would have added it to the tail.
Dragon Cake

I was taking this picture while we were singing Happy Birthday to her, but started laughing because I can only imagine how horrible we sounded, Don and I mainly. Poor MaryEllen! I am sure inside she wanted to cover her ears. 😀
Happy Birthday MaryEllen

Don surprised MaryEllen with TWO bunches of flowers. They are very pretty.
Flowers and Sundance

I bought this dragon bracelet from Amazon. It is so pretty. MaryEllen loves dragons, and I wanted to get her something unique. I love the color.
Dragon Bracelet

We also got her another dragon book, Dracopedia The Great Dragons. She loves these books for inspiration. I love her smile in this picture. She has such a beautiful smile.
Dracopedia Book

Dracopedia Book

On our next trip to Target or Walmart, Donnie is letting MaryEllen choose whatever she wants as a gift from him, $20 limit. I thought that was sweet.

We ended the evening with watching How to Train Your Dragon. I think this is the third year, might be the fourth, that we have watched this movie on her birthday.

In June I believe they are coming out with another How To Train Your Dragon movie, so maybe next year we will be watching that one.

Well, that was our simple birthday. The coffee/bookshop was closed due to the weather, so next week we will take her there.


That's right! MaryEllen drew this picture of the X-Men as dragons. She colored and framed it and gave it to Donnie as a Christmas gift.

X-Men as Dragons by MaryEllen AlbrightClick for larger image.

Can you name them? I can only name Storm and Gambit. Gambit only because MaryEllen pointed him out. He is one of her favorites.

It is cold here in North Central Georgia. When it is cold, I don't feel like getting dressed, so I am still in my pajamas and it is almost noon. I am just thankful it doesn't get this cold that often. Also, this weather irritates my asthma. It makes me wheeze, but only if I am out in it. Last week just walking from the supermarket to our car made me cough which then makes me wheeze. I need to remember to wear a scarf or turtle neck so I can put it over my mouth.

Stay warm wherever you are.

Talk to y'all soon.