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Weekly Recap: March 12-16

I don't know what week we are on! I guess I should take out a calendar and find out. But, I do know what day we are on as Georgia requires us to send in monthly attendance reports until we have reached 180 days. As of today, March 16th, we are on day 136.

For Math:

This week, MaryEllen used her FREE day for finishing her math book, she is using it today in fact.

To help with them rechecking their math and as a reward for 100%'s, I told them if they get three in a row, they can have a FREE subject. But, they cannot use no more than 3 in a month.

Donnie, got 3 100%'s this week, so guess which subject he chose not to do today?  Math of course!!

For Bible:

MaryEllen is doing, Jesus in the Spotlight. This is a study on the book of John chapters 1-10.

Donnie is almost finished with Lord Teach Me To Pray - For Kids.

Jeus in the Spotlight - Kay Arthur Lord Teach Me To Pray For Kids

MaryEllen's Bible Study

Bible Study

Donnies' Bible Study

Bible Study

For Writing

Donnie continued to do his copywork. He copied Psalm 4 and a short poem. He still needs direction on spacing.


MaryEllen is continuing with her Writing Course. I put up a sample of her work yesterday.

Our States

They both took their South Region State Test and they both got 100%. 🙂

States Test

States Test


They both took a vocabulary test this week. Donnie took Vocab #9 test and MaryEllen took Vocab #13. They both got 100%.



MaryEllen finished Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. She is now reading Teddy's Button.


Donnie finished his Tiger and Tom. 🙂 He is reading Aurie's Wooden Leg.

All in all, the kids did very well this week.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: March 12-16

  1. Mother Robin

    I enjoyed reading about your week. (Found you through a search for Notebooking Poets on Bing)
    I didn't know that Kay Arthur had a study for kids! I'll look into that for my DD. What age group would you suggest that is for?

    1. Cynce

      Hi Mother Robin! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      My kids are in 4th and 5th grade, and they both do them independently. I am there for questions and I also look them over every couple of days. I also review their memory verses with them. I would say that they can be used with 3rd grade or up. Maybe second if they are a good reader or if done with a parent as a family study.

      I hope that was helpful.

      Hope to see you around these parts again. 🙂


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