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I made this set of Father's Day Notebooking pages five years ago when I first started Albright News. Wow, how time flies. I couldn't find the original text to edit it, so it will still show my old web address.

Hopefully, you will be able to use them.

When I created them, it was to be more of a keepsake of memories and thoughts on dads than just notebooking page.

Father's Day Notebooking Pages

Download Father's Day Notebooking Pages

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The Annual Rodeo

This year we made it to the annual rodeo here in town. We missed it last year, so when we saw the signs going up around town, we decided to go to a rodeo.

None of us has ever been, so this was a treat. We enjoyed it very much and plan on going back next year.

I guess I don't know my camera as good as I thought, because the pictures at night came out real dark. I tried it with and without the flash. Obviously, it is time to read the owners manual. Seeming to work better, I opted for video. It is still grainy and you can see the lights reflection, but they are much better than the pictures.

So, between this year and next, I am going to learn how to use the camera and/or take the camcorder.

Here are a few videos from the rodeo.




I love the look of the garden with its lush green colors. The leaves of the squash, zucchini and cucumbers are so pretty. Their flowers add an additional touch of beauty.

garden bed

Our tomatoes are growing wonderfully. We anticipate a good crop this year. I am hoping to learn to can so we can store the excess tomatoes. Canning is something I have never done, but have wanted to try. I might get my chance this year.

Container Gardening - tomatoes, squash

The green beans don't look like they are going to make it. They have begun to give beans, but they aren't growing anymore.

The zucchini, once placed in the garden bed, flourished. The only thing is that the unwanted squash bug is rearing its head. We need to find a way to get rid of them and quick. The kids do kill those they see and we have looked for eggs under the leaves. We are hoping they will not attack our cucumbers.


We planted about four straight neck squash this year. I love the look of this plant. Squash casserole is on them menu this summer. 🙂

We planted some cucumbers in the garden bed and some in the containers. A few years ago, the cucumbers didn't do too good in the ground, but we are trying it again. Last year, they flourished in the containers.

It has been fun planting and learning by trial and error these past four years. Getting the garden ready is one of our favorite times of the year. Don does all of the soil mixing and most of the transplanting. The kids and I plant the seeds and maintain the garden once it is up. We all enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers have been on our must have list the last few years. They are easy enough to freeze if we find ourselves with too many. I have quite a few recipes that call for bell peppers, plus I like to add them to my vegetable juices.

Tomatoes in the Garden Bed

Zucchini flowers falling off

The strangest thing is going on with our zucchini. It looks like the flowers are being plucked off...not good. I am not sure how. Is there some animal that likes the flowers? The only thing is that the flowers are lying on the dirt. Hmmm!

Garden, Sunbeam walking through

Happy Gardening,


MaryEllen had a birthday a few weeks ago. I usually give the kids their birthday's off from studies. Well, this time I thought why not hand out a Free Study Day Coupon that she can use whenever she wants.

She did use it on her birthday, which fell on a study day.

Birthday Pass Coupon

Birthday Pass Coupon

Download Birthday Coupon - Girl
Download Birthday Coupon - Boy




First, I have decided that the Friday Freebie, which I renamed The Weekly Freebie, is now going to be The Forever Freebie! LOL! This will make it easier for those who cannot visit the site during the week, to still be able to download the freebie. Sound good?

Okay, on to today's freebie, which will be here, so feel free to pass on the link, it won't expire or blow up!! 😉

I made a few coupons the kids can earn for doing good on their studies.

MaryEllen earned a Free Subject Pass for getting 100% on her math lesson. Usually it is 100% on 3 lessons in a row, but this was her FIRST 100%, so I thought she deserved it. 🙂
Free Subject Pass

Donnie finished his Saxon 65 math book, so he got a Free Study Day Pass. They get one of these whenever they finish their math book.
Free Study Day Pass

Download Free Subject Pass - Girl
Download Free Subject Pass - Boy

Download Free Study Day Pass - Girl
Download Free Study Day Pass - Boy


A few simple items that I had lying around on my hard drive. June went so very fast...zoom, zoom!  Independence Day is right around the corner.

I have a simple 4th of July notebooking page, The Pledge of Allegiance and America Poster. Maybe they will be of some use.

4th of July Notebooking Page
Pledge of Allegiance Poster
America Poster