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The Annual Rodeo, Yeehaw!

The Annual Rodeo

This year we made it to the annual rodeo here in town. We missed it last year, so when we saw the signs going up around town, we decided to go to a rodeo.

None of us has ever been, so this was a treat. We enjoyed it very much and plan on going back next year.

I guess I don't know my camera as good as I thought, because the pictures at night came out real dark. I tried it with and without the flash. Obviously, it is time to read the owners manual. Seeming to work better, I opted for video. It is still grainy and you can see the lights reflection, but they are much better than the pictures.

So, between this year and next, I am going to learn how to use the camera and/or take the camcorder.

Here are a few videos from the rodeo.