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Ten Commandments Copywork

I am hoping to have the kids begin to write more in cursive this year. I am going to start them out with simple copywork selections. The first one is The Ten Commandments. It is in the King James Version (kjv) and comes from Exodus 20:1-17.

Hopefully it will suit some of your needs too. I am open to some suggestions as far as other selections go, so leave me comment with your request or email me using the Contact Me page.

Ten Commandments Copywork - Cursive - kjv

Download Ten Commandments Copywork - Cursive - kjv

Update 2-27-13: I had a request for the NASB translation, so I am adding it here for those of you who would prefer this translation. 🙂 This one is not in cursive.

Download The Ten Commandments Copywork - NASB



20 thoughts on “Ten Commandments Copywork

  1. Jennie Mason

    Thank you SO much! Between memory verses and spelling words, I have my boys practicing cursive nearly every day. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this being in KJV! That's the only version we use in our home. Thank you again! Have a blessed day!


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