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Last week, we bought all the candy needed to make the edible cell. Donnie helped me make the jello.

Edible Cell Project

Edible Cell Project

Edible Cell Project

They came out nice. Some of the candies, I think the m&m's and skittles, color ran, but no biggie.

Kids Making Edible Cell

Kids Making Edible Cell

We used a Riesen for the center, because we didn't have a gum ball. We always have Riesens lying around. 🙂 They are just so good.

Donnie's Edible Cell

MaryEllen's Edible Cell

After, the kids ate their cells. They couldn't finish them because they were so sweet; too much in one sitting.

Here they are after we flipped them over. Silly and unforgettable me, I forgot to grease the bowls, so it was a little tough getting them out. LOL!

Donnie's Finished Cell

MaryEllen's Finished Cell

Here is a link to make your own edible cell.

All in all, the kids had fun creating their cells.