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I hope you all had a great week. My family and I will be leaving for a week vacation on Sunday night, when all the ghouls are out! LOL! We will drive to spend time with family in Texas.

I won't have a Friday Freebie for you next week, but hope to get back in the swing of things by the following Friday, November 12th.

As you can imagine, it is VERY busy around here as we prepare to leave...don't want to forget anything.

You all enjoy this weeks freebie...

Here are some study questions to go along with Alice Cary's Poem, November.

Download November by Alice Cary


Have a blessed week and then some,

It is Friday already! Time to wrap up the week and get ready for the next week. Maybe you can fit this weeks Friday Freebie into your lesson plans. 🙂

This week I have a nice piece of copywork, a simple two stanza poem titled, 'Begin The Morn With God.'

Download Expired. 🙁 But you can come back next week for another Friday Freebie. 🙂


I found these on my hard drive that I had made for the kids a while back. Maybe someone can use them.

I call them, 'Solving Division Practice.' I made them to help cement the concept that division is the reverse of multiplication.

There is a worksheet for numbers 2-9.

Download Expired. Come back next Friday for a new freebie.


Timez Attack: Fun Multiplication Computer GameTimez Attack is a fun computer game to help your kids cement the multiplication tables into their brains. 🙂

They have a wonderful FREE version where all the multiplications, up to 12, are taught. The paid version adds different scenery and I think the pace is increased.

Remember those timed drills in school? I use to enjoy those. Your paper was face down on the desk and the teacher would say, 'ready, set, GO!' and on 'go', everyone turned their papers over and began to answer the problems before the timer rang. Man, what a rush! That might have been the only thing I enjoyed about school. LOL!

It is Friday again, time for another freebie. Remember, it will only be available through the weekend and will disappear on Monday.

This week I have a copywork of 'best thoughts'. Enlightening Quotes.

Download Expired. Come back next Friday for a new freebie.