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The kids are on week four of their roots for English From The Roots Up, so we decided to play a few games.

The kids tried all the games on the list and even added Go Fish.

I played a few with them. They did better than I did!

We changed the 'Cross the River' game a little bit. We rolled a dice and went that many spaces. If we missed, we had to go back that many spaces.

This one below, The Bean Bag Toss, we used a Beanie Baby as the bean bag.

English From The Roots Up Game
English From The Roots Up Game: Bean Bag Toss






This week, I am sharing some items I made for us to use with our English From the Roots Up study.  resurrected these notebooking pages I made when we began last year. You will find these and a few other things on this page that I set up just for these goodies.

Get your freebies here