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Sunbeam’s Kittens


Today, while watching Charles Stanley, Donnie heard mewing. He asked me to pause it and then we all heard the mewing.

It didn't sound like Sunbeam or like she was in trouble, so we decided to investigate.

We were thinking that maybe the mewing was from her kittens. We have been waiting to see them since she had them almost 4 weeks ago.

She finally brought them out!

Sunbeam's Kitten
Sunbeam's Kitten #1


Sunbeam's Kitten
Sunbeam's Kitten #2

We went outside and sure enough, two cute kittens were mewing by the tree. We didn't see Sunbeam and so we decided to bring them in the house.

We quickly made up a box for them. Shortly after, we heard another mewing. We went outside and saw a third kitten. The kids noticed Sunbeam climbing down the tree. She came up to them meowing. MaryEllen carefully picked up the kitten and brought it into the house. Sunbeam followed.

Three Little Kittens
Three Little Kittens

She ate a little and then looked around for her kittens. We put the box closer to the door and she sat down beside them.

A short while later, she fed them.

Sunbeam Feeding Her Kittens
Sunbeam Feeding Her Kittens

The kids can't wait until they can hold them.

Here is a short video of them eating.

We still have to finish our sermon. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sunbeam’s Kittens

  1. Emily Rauch

    How Cute! I remember when my puppies ate from mommy. Sunbeam looks like Pepper. Pepper is a cat your Mom had when she was a teenager. :o)

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