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Studies Resumes For 2013

Well, this was our first week back doing a full day of studies. How did it go? I would give it a 7. Even though I know the kids didn't want to begin again, they did without any problems.

alarm clockThe first 3 days went well with all subjects being covered, except one day of reading. On the 4th day, we ended up doing half a day. We got started later because my husband went into work earlier. Sounds weird I know. 😉 Let's see how day 5 goes.

I had grace this week with the kids not getting up at a decent time. I wanted us all to get up at 7am. I was the only one who did. I didn't have the heart to wake them up. But next week I will. Plus this week we were getting our sleep cycle in a routine. During our break, they were going to bed past 11pm, sometimes midnight. Now I want them to get to bed by 9:30pm. So, this week it tapered off...11pm one day, 10:30pm the next, 10pm the last two days. We will get there. And yes, their alarm went off, but they smacked it and went back to sleep with intentions to get up 'in a little.'

ChecklistOne thing that I want to do is establish more routines. My days feel mumble-jumble and sometimes I feel like I didn't accomplish anything. I do write out a To Do list everyday, but I don't usually get it all done. Checking off boxes is one thing I like because it makes me feel like I AM getting things done. Just between you, me, and the fence post, I sometimes add something that I already did just so I can check it off. Am I bad or what?! 🙂

Anyway, usually I give the kids a study schedule with what needs to be done in each subject, but it seems like they always get done so late that they haven't any time for other interests. It isn't that they have a lot to do. I believe it has to do with managing our time. Usually, we don't start studies until 10am and then there are interruptions and breaks. It is my opinion that we have too many breaks. So now I want a lunch break and that is it. Really, they will study for 3 hours before lunch and about 3 hours after lunch.

They are that age where they need to be responsible with their time. I haven't been a good teacher in that area, either by coaching or by example. Aack!

Typing seems to never get done and I really want them to learn to type this year.

Besides cleaning the kitchen after dinner and laundry, other chores aren't getting done either unless we have a day to really clean the house.

So, I am going to make a schedule. I have been bad with schedules for years now. When the kids were little, I had a schedule for myself and was way more organized. I need to become that person again, especially now that I need to begin to hand over the reigns in some areas to the kids. They need to know how to manage their time.

I know I am rambling, but I guess the whole point is that I am resolving to make some routines around here. Not all at once, but one thing at a time. The first is getting to bed earlier so that we can get up earlier.

How are you with routines?




2 thoughts on “Studies Resumes For 2013

  1. sheri

    get to bed earlier... yeah, that one always haunts me, lol. Our time management seems to be doing ok, but chores have slacked, meaning I seem to be doing them all so time to revamp that. ;^)

    1. Cynthia Albright

      I know what you mean Sheri. I think I have been getting to bed about an hour earlier. LOL! Right after making our neat schedule, we got sick and it all went kapoowee. So, we shall begin again on Tuesday.

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