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{Seasonal Skirts} What I Wear For Spring

Seasonal Skirts
I joined a group of ladies to share what we wear during the seasons, skirt or dress-wise. This blog hop is hosted by Dusty at To The Moon and Back.

I wear skirts most of the time with the exception of a comfy pair of sweats when I feel like lounging around the house.

My decision to wear mainly skirts was more of a personal decision than a religious one. During the last seven years, I have found them to be quite comfortable and I now prefer them over pants. I never did like how I looked in jeans and especially slacks. I don't have much of a backside, so pants just hung.

Skirts actually add to my figure and I don't have to be self-conscious of my rear.

I also chose to switch from short skorts to longer skirts when it hit me that I am the example of what a women should look like for my daughter. And not only my daughter, but my son also. Ouch! Out went the short shorts and skorts.

Here are a few outfits I wore the last few months. The day I wrote this post, 04-19-14, it is still chilly outside, so long sleeve shirts or sweaters are still in. I *think* the chilly season is at a close though. Yay!

Spring Skirt

Don, my husband, likes me in collar shirts. I have this shirt in a few colors. My wardrobe is fairly simple.

Spring Skirt

Jean skirts are my thing! They are so easy to dress up or down. They are also comfortable. During the late fall, all winter and into spring, I wear mostly jean skirts. They are heavier which keeps me warmer.

MaryEllen wears leggings under her skirts to stay warm, something I haven't tried yet but should.

Spring Skirt

Trying to make this fun. I am not much for taking pictures of myself. Being part of the Seasonal Skirts group definitely is not easy because of that, but fun nonetheless.

Sorry about the blurry picture. Not sure what happened.


We had a few 'teaser' days when it was just beautiful outside, reaching into the 80's. But, they only lasted a few days. I am so waiting for summer.

Spring Skirt

Argh! These pictures came out a little fuzzy, but they will do.

I don't tuck my shirts in my skirts (hey it rhymes) because I am tall and it just looks weird. Because of my long legs, I need my torso to look balanced. Tucking in my shirt will make my torso too short.

That is one thing I hated about the work world when I had to wear uniforms, slacks and a shirt tucked in. Yuck! Glad those days are over.

Spring Skirt

Spring Skirt

To stay warm around the house, I will wear a thin sweater over my blouse. It allows me to easily shed it if I get too hot or add it if I get too cold. I don't like stuffy houses, so I like the windows or front door open even though it is cold out, at least for a little while.

This is our land line phone for when the electricity goes out and our wireless phones stop working.

Spring Skirt

I just noticed I didn't do any back shots. Oops! Maybe next time.

That is pretty much my dress for this season. Hopefully next month it will warm up a little more.

This is where I get my jean skirts. They send out coupon codes often when you sign up for their newsletter.

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If you wear mostly skirts and have blogged about it, let us know by adding the link to your post below in the linky. We would love to visit you.

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12 thoughts on “{Seasonal Skirts} What I Wear For Spring

  1. MaryEllen

    HI Cynce, love this post because it has lots of photos of you. 🙂

    When I was getting ready to take my engagement pictures, I realized I didn't own any dresses or skirts! Crazy, huh? Maybe I should invest in a few. Mostly if you think they are more comfortable than pants. After all, I like comfy! 😉

    You look great in all the pictures! Can't wait to see you this summer.

    Love ya!

    1. Cynthia Albright

      Aw thanks Reff! Yes, that is crazy! I wouldn't have thought. I do think they are more comfortable than pants. I am not sure if you are self-conscious of your figure in pants or slacks, but I know I always was. Skirts eliminated that, so I feel more relaxed in skirts. I am so looking forward to seeing you too. Time is passing by so quickly! I can only imagine how fast it is going for you. 🙂

  2. Dee

    Hi Cynthia!

    You look lovely in all of your skirts, but I especially love the pink blouse with the jean skirt. That was my favorite look! I really liked the bluish/teal blouse a well. You have gorgeous hair! I hear you about the back side; I surely wasn't blessed in that area. lol. I have been purposely buying more dresses and skirts in an attempt to wear them more than I wear my pants. Did you know that I didn't wear a single pair of pants until I was almost 15. Up until then, I was skirts only. I'll tell you about that one of these days. 😉

    Love you in your skirts! I love it that you are tall! I used to dream about being taller when I was younger. Taller people make all their clothes look elegant and pretty! 🙂 I can never buy anything at Target because almost all of their skirts are for tall girls. 🙁

    Dee 🙂

    1. Cynthia Albright

      Hi Dee! I was the opposite growing up; I never wore dresses or skirts. Well, not unless my parents made me for church or holidays, but then I don't remember wearing them much for those either. All I remember is that I disliked skirts, dresses or shorts. I'd love to see some of your outfits...hint, hint. 🙂

      I never find anything at Target, but then I haven't looked in a while. I did find some pretty long and flow-y skirts at TJ Maxx, but I didn't buy them because I didn't know how to match a blouse to them. They were patterned. I am not too good with fashion, hence my simplicity of jean skirts and solid color shirts. lol!! But, I am hoping to get more creative now that I am participating in this blog hop. 🙂

  3. Aunti Emily

    Love you Jean skirts. If I got any, I surely would have to have them shorten. Hey! That reminds me, I have a Jean Skirt in my closet with the tags still on it. I got it on sale like 13 years ago. LOL!! I just checked, it goes to my ankles. Hmm, I should wear it some day to church, I would shock everyone. (since I always wear pants) I also have a black skirt that I bought when George passed away. I a not use to skirts. I should start wearing them in the winter. To me they seam like winter skirts. If I get use to them then, maybe I'll get some light cotton ones for summer. 🙂 Yeah Right! Let's see if I do. 🙂 Anyways, you look good Cynce!! Beautiful and Healthy!! Can't wait to see you in June!! 🙂

    1. Cynthia Albright

      LOL! Auntie, you are fun-ny! Thirteen years and with the tags still on! I've been thinking about getting some lighter jean ones for summer. I have one, but another would be nice. I also have a red floral skirt that I never wear, sorta like your jean skirt, but, I don't have a matching shirt. I should just get a plain white blouse. Yip, maybe that is what I'll do. 🙂 If you wear your skirts, share. 😀

      1. Aunti Emily

        My Jean one is a light blue jean material. It also buttons up the middle. It really is pretty. I also love jean shirts and boots. I wanted to get boots, but sometimes they are hard to put on because I have arthritis in my knees. I'd have to fine some that have zippers all the way down. That is why I don't wear the skirts, cause I wanted boots. But, some flats would probably go well too, if I can find some. I have been looking for flats, but none are cushioned enough. I need softness. 🙂 My feet are touchy too. 😛

  4. Dusty

    I had never heard of Style J before. I will definitely have to look into them. I love denim skirts!

    I really like your white sweater too!


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