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Primary Language Lessons Feedback

Okay, I need some feedback.

I finished reformatting Primary Language Lessons into a workbook format, but now I am questioning myself.

I created it with double-spaced ruled lines. Should I have done it in primary lines?

Now remember, this is for 2nd and 3rd grade, but a lot of people also use it for older students, maybe 4-5th grade. That was my reasoning for using ruled lines.

Now, how about those that do use it for 2nd grade in particular. I think most 3rd graders are transitioning out of primary lines...right?

So, should I add a primary lined page in the Appendix for those who want to go that route on some lessons. OR

Should I create two versions, one primary lined and the other ruled.

So, my question to you is...If you were to use this, what would you like to see?

Right now the book is over 250 pages. I decided to split the book into two parts - Part 1, 2nd grade and Part 2, 3rd grade. This has reduced the amount of pages per book to about 120-140 pages. Primary lines take more space, so it will most likely grow. Would this be an issue for you?

One way to keep it down would to omit the extra full lined pages throughout the text and add just one to the Appendix. Then you can print a certain number of those pages to keep on hand or in the back of the student notebook to use when needed.

Am I making any sense?

If you have any suggestions, PLEASE leave a comment below or email me at

Thanks for your help,

P.S. For all those who give me feedback, I will randomly pick one to give a FREE copy of PLL when it is finished. 🙂 Can anyone say 'bribe'. lol!

4 thoughts on “Primary Language Lessons Feedback

  1. Cynce

    The books are done, and they are now being proofread and finalized. So, I am hoping to have them ready in a couple of weeks.


  2. Shannon

    I tend to agree with the above posters. It seems like a simple rule would be more versitle. I would appreciate a primary rule at the back, though, so that I can use it as I see fit. Thanks so much for doing this, I am looking forward to it as well!

  3. Twinkle Mom @ Sunflower Faith

    Lol, I feel the same way..hoping the workbook will come out soon to so I can use it with my own. LOL

    I agree to with what you said...simple one ruled and maybe just offer the primary rule in the appendix as an option. There are so many different styles of writing and kids are at different stages with their writing...for rule seems easier since it can be used by anyone at that age and if PLL is used, say at 3rd grade, that makes it more usable for a parent, whose child at that age is using one rule.

    Maybe even offer the different styles of rule paper in the appendix or as a separate download?

  4. Shelia

    In my opinion, I would only want ruled lines. My child can get plenty of practice with primary lined paper in other places, plus, if you were to add a sheet to the back of the book to make a copy of for any lesson I wanted, I could simply use the paper whenever I chose to. (Perhaps I would want the lesson that would be most suited to sending to Grandma and Grandpa on that paper.)

    Also, there seems to be so many children with dysgraphia, and there are so many ways to teach handwriting now, that it seems like you would be better off with a simple standard and letting parents take it from there.


    PS - Any idea how much longer for the Primary Workbook? I am really anxious to get started with it with my 3rd grader. 🙂

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