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Preparing For Week 10

I just finished getting the kids' study assignments done and thought I'd share how I go about it.

First, I cannot plan more than a week because it never seems to work out. Something doesn't get done for one reason or the other. Rarely have we done ALL that I scheduled.

But, I do have a long term plan set. I know what I want us to do and what resources we will use. I set goals as to when I would like them to be done, but nothing is set in stone.

Here are this weeks schedules.
[Click on them to see them larger.]

We are just beginning to use Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up. I am excited about doing these studies.

We are just finishing up our study in 2 Timothy. We used the Know and Grow Series, similar to the Kay Arthur Bible Studies for Kids. We really enjoyed doing the study so I bought a few of Kary Arthur's studies and will do those along with the Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up.

Devotions are done together before we start studies. We read out of our devotion book, right now that is Morning Bells, and pray. We then talk a little if the kids or I have anything on our hearts that pertains to the text read. We are suppose to recite our memory verses, but for some reason we always forget. I think I need to write a check-list. 🙂

Math is then begun and the kids work independently for about an hour to an hour an a half. Donnie is doing half lessons because his writing is...*cough*...terrible! Right now he is to work on number form (he still writes many of them backwards) and neatness. Neatness includes lining up decimal points and lining up numbers in division and double-digit multiplication problems.

Penmanship/Copywork consists of practicing cursive. This is just the alphabet for now. They also copy their memory verses.

English/Vocabulary - Vocabulary comes from the Robinson Curriculum (RC) list. Each lesson goes for two weeks. The number of words range from 15-25. They are to do about half a week. I have them write the words 3x each and then they are to do the crossword and word finds that are provided. This helps with getting the definitions memorized and the words spelled correctly. After two weeks, I give them a quiz. They also study their words every day.

English really should say, 'writing'. I think I will change that. 🙂 MaryEllen is doing The Writing Course. She will be finishing up the lessons this week. Then she will be writing for a half hour a day or one sheet of paper, front and back, double-spaced. I will edit for corrections and then she will rewrite only the corrected areas. We will discuss anything she doesn't understand.

Donnie is doing Intermediate Language Lessons. He does a lesson a day.

Silent Reading - The Robinson Curriculum has the kids read for 2 hours each day. I schedule in Bible, a history text, either a biography or like the one they are reading now, From Sea to Shining Sea. I also schedule in a literature text. I have altered the RC book list by adding in some and taking out others.

Latin is extra. If we get to it, great! If not, oh well. I am not going to stress over it.

Bible Study is a little different than devotions because they are studying one area or book. We are just beginning Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up and I will also add a study on Obedience for Donnie this coming week.

Latin and Bible Study are after their Table Time Studies and Reading. They are allowed to have their free time before these are done. I am trying NOT to make Bible Study academic in the sense of it being just another subject to get done. I want the kids to enjoy their time with Jesus and to look forward to it everyday.

Boy, that was a mouth full. You all have a great week.

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