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{Poem} Neighbor Mine

Intermediate Language Lessons Part 3, Lesson 105, Selection For Study

This is the complete poem. Only two stanzas were shared in the lesson. The lesson is titled Neighbor Mine and was found in Town and City.

Neighbor Mine

There are barrels in the hallways,
Neighbor mine;
Pray be mindful of them always,
Neighbor mine.
If you’re not devoid of feeling,
Quickly to those barrels stealing,
Throw in each banana peeling,
Neighbor mine!

Do not drop the fruit you’re eating,
Neighbor mine,
On the sidewalks, sewer, or grating,
Neighbor mine.
But lest you and I should quarrel,
Listen to my little carol;
Go and toss it in the barrel,
Neighbor mine!

Look! whene’er you drop a paper,
Neighbor mine,
In the wind it cuts a caper,
Neighbor mine.
Down the street it madly courses,
And should fill you with remorses
When you see it scare the horses,
Neighbor mine!

Paper-cans were made for papers,
Neighbor mine;
Let’s not have this fact escape us,
Neighbor mine.
And if you will lend a hand,
Soon our city dear shall stand
As the cleanest in the land,
Neighbor mine.

--From Town and City



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