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A short poem study on Helen Hunt Jackson's October's Bright Blue Weather.

Helen Hung JacksonThis week, I have another poem by Helen Hunt Jackson titled, 'October's Bright Blue Weather.'

Helen Hunt Jackson (1831-1885) was an American poet and novelist. She was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, where her father was a professor in Amherst College, but she spent much of her life in California.

She married a banker in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she lived for a few years.

Her poems are very beautiful, and "September" and "October's Bright Blue Weather" are especially good pictures of these autumn months.

Octobers Bright Blue Weather

Octobers Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson

Octobers Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson Questions

Octobers Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson QuestionsDownload Octobers Bright Blue Weather



Wow, we are on week 9 already. It has been a few weeks since I did a recap or a record of what we accomplished.

The Kids Did...

The kids have done their 3R's every day. I cut their 2 hour of reading to only 1 because we will be reading during read aloud atleast 3x a week, starting next week or on Saturday.

This week is one day short because my husbands days off changed (for this week only). They pushed it up a day because of another employees vacation. So, we will most likely do 6 days next week.

The kids finished their anatomy books and now we are doing review by creating a lapbook. We sit in the afternoon and do a few components together. So far, so good.

We are behind a week on ERU, but no worries.

fall leavesThey also got outside and raked up pine needles. It looks like the leaves are beginning to fall too. It is funny how when I was little raking leaves was a chore, but now I enjoy going out and raking because it is a chance for me to exercise and get fresh air. The kids think of it as a chore though! Hopefully I will rub off on them.

I Did...

This week, I dug out my dehydrator and dried apples, oranges and bananas. Now that the weather is getting colder, I probably will dry the bananas more instead of freeze them. During the summer, we had a lot of shakes using bananas as our base. I will use what is left in baking and such before they go bad. The kids enjoyed the dry fruit.

Drying Bananas

Drying OrangesI have had this dehydrator since the early 1990's. I use to dry fruit for my rabbit. I almost got rid of it once, I am glad I didn't.

I also spent a few hours reorganizing the bookshelves. Boy was that a job!! And I am still not done yet. I need to do the bookcase in the kids' room.

They are now sorted by subject...the best I could anyway. Some shelves overlap because I needed to use the space. As I was moving books around, I noticed some that I forgot about or didn't know we owned. LOL!

We have a set of encyclopedias that I think we will begin to crack open once in a while. We also have a set of The Book Of Knowledge which MaryEllen likes to thumb through now and then.

I am hoping to dedicate a shelf to art, music and poetry in the kids' bookcase. If not, I would like another bookcase for those.

Meatless Monday

I implemented a Meatless Monday a few weeks back because I noticed we eat a lot of meat, and red meat at that. So, since my husband cannot go without his meat, whether it be red, pork, or chicken, I decided one day he can do without. On other days, the kids and I only eat meat when we eat with daddy. We eat a salad once a day with our meal.

I think now that it is Fall, we will have more soup and salads and maybe bread to go along with it.

Well, that was our week in a nutshell.



After talking with the kids, I found out that they wanted to do more hands on type stuff, projects etc. I love Robinsons because it is SO basic and effective, but we are going to try adding a few things to our study day. The kids will still be doing their RC (Robinson Curriculum), which is the 3R's.

Science - Anatomy Lapbook

This week, we are beginning an Anatomy Lapbook.

I thought the kids didn't care for lapbooks. We did a few when they were younger, but they didn't seem interested. They told me that they didn't like all the writing. LOL! But now that they are older, they should be able to handle the writing.

They already finished reading their Anatomy book, so this will be review. We will most likely store it in a binder using 3-hole cardstock to hold the lapbook components.

Anatomy Lapbook

Anatomy Lapbook

Anatomy Lapbook

I made notebooking pages to go along with this study, but because the kids read ahead in the book, they didn't get them all done. I was going to have them do the notebooking pages as review until they mentioned that they wanted to do more project type stuff.

History - Ancients

Beautiful Feet Ancient HistoryWe are also going to be doing Beautiful Feet's Ancient History. I am going to combine it with the Jewish History we are going to do. I am excited about this.

I already bought the Ancient Egypt History Pockets and found this nice free Ancient Egypt Lapbook.

We will also be studying Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. I am anticipating 2-3 months for each.

Well, those are a few changes we will be implementing this month.


This week, I have some Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) notebooking pages. I am a little late as his birthday has already passed, but they can still be useful. 🙂

It is 48 pages and includes:

  • A short story on John Chapman
  • Notebooking pages - 17 different layouts
  • Map to record his travels
  • Poem titled ‘Johnny Appleseed’
  • Apple notebooking pages - includes blank pages, labeling, describing an apple, and a seed worksheet
  • Apple fractions – 4 lessons on simple fractions


Download Johnny Appleseed Notebooking Pages (John Chapman)






I am trying to plan a little ahead with these freebies. I didn't do too good with the Johnny Appleseed, but I am ahead for Columbus Day which is October 10th this year (2011).

It is 33 pages and includes:

  • A short bio
  • Copywork which can also be used as dictation for younger kids
  • Copywork for older kids
  • Dictation
  • President's Proclamation
  • Poems
  • Short lesson on using capital letters
  • Short letter writing

Columbus Day Worksheets   Columbus Day Worksheets   Columbus Day Worksheets   Columbus Day Worksheets   Columbus Day Worksheets   Columbus Day Worksheets   Columbus Day Worksheets

Download Columbus Day