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Our 2012-2013 Homeschool Plans

Another homeschool year is upon us. This is what I have planned.

Our core will be the Robinson Curriculum(RC). I will break it down by subject.

Bible: MaryEllen and I will be doing Foundations in Romans: A Romans Bible Study together. Donnie will finish his study in Genesis using Abraham--God's Brave Explorer.  After Genesis, I will assign him some studies out of Plants Grown Up.

Math: We will continue with Saxon Math. Both kids will be finishing Saxon 76 and going into Algebra 1/2.

Writing: We will continue with The Writing Course. The kids listen to Dr. Lybrand, watch his videos, and do the daily assignments. After the 21 days or so, they then write filling a piece of paper front and back, double-spaced. What they will write varies.

We will also use the Write Thinking Series a couple times a week in place of the filling a piece of paper front and back.

Grammar: The Robinson Curriculum doesn't stress grammar every year and neither does Dr. Lybrand. We will use IEW's Fix It Grammar which is short and sweet. We began it last year and the kids really enjoy it. There is a short passage in which they find grammar and punctuation errors. It is more of an editing program and will help when they have to proof read their own writing in the future.

Vocabulary: We will continue with English From the Roots Up, finishing volume 1 and going into volume 2.

Literature: I really like the Any Novel Study Guide and plan on having the kids do two novels each this year. This will teach them about plot and setting. It will also teach them how to analyze a book. It is great because it is a study guide you only have to buy once.

Science: Our science is not from RC. MaryEllen will use Apologia's General Science this year and Donnie will use Super Charged Science, which is full of hands on experiments and videos.

History: They will get some history from their reading list, but we will also be using Simply Charlotte Mason's Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome. You can see the book list here. We will supplement with Drive Through History DVD Series on the Holy Land and watch The Life of Christ DVD.

Reading: They will read for 1 1/2-2 hours a day. Take a look at MaryEllen's 7th grade reading list and Donnie's 6th grade reading list. Their books will include books from RC, SM History and others I want them to read.


Typing: This year the kids will really begin typing. I bought Christian Keyboarding a few years back, which we started but never finished. With MaryEllen entering 7th grade, it needs to get done this year. They will also use Typing Web. This website will keep track of their progress and wpm, plus there are some games, which they might enjoy.

Drawing: I've been wanting to get a nice drawing program so MaryEllen can further her talent. Donnie can also benefit from a good drawing program too. I was SO excited when I found See The Light Art Class. The kids watched the free videos on the website and really liked them.

That looks like it so far. I am excited about what we will be learning this year.

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      Melissa, thanks for your comment. I have only heard good things about this study which makes me more eager to start. 🙂

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