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October’s Bright Blue Weather Poem

A short poem study on Helen Hunt Jackson's October's Bright Blue Weather.

Helen Hung JacksonThis week, I have another poem by Helen Hunt Jackson titled, 'October's Bright Blue Weather.'

Helen Hunt Jackson (1831-1885) was an American poet and novelist. She was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, where her father was a professor in Amherst College, but she spent much of her life in California.

She married a banker in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she lived for a few years.

Her poems are very beautiful, and "September" and "October's Bright Blue Weather" are especially good pictures of these autumn months.

Octobers Bright Blue Weather

Octobers Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson

Octobers Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson Questions

Octobers Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson QuestionsDownload Octobers Bright Blue Weather



1 thought on “October’s Bright Blue Weather Poem

  1. Laura Ludovici

    Lovely! I memorized this poem as a 10 year old in the 5th of the last teachers probably to have us memorize but what they don't understand today is that memorization of poems like this helps in studying AND learning! Every year on the 1st of October I read this one!


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