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New Past Time…Scratch

A member on the Robinson Curriculum (RC) forum mentioned Scratch, a free software program where you can create pictures, animations, games, etc. MaryEllen has been mentioning that she wants to learn to animate, and I have been looking into lessons on the internet and programs, so when this was mentioned I thought I would take a look.

About a week ago, I downloaded and installed it on the computer. It is a great stepping stone and the kids have been enjoying it very much.

Here are a few screen shots of the program. This is where they set up the scripts, movements etc. They draw in the box. The program also has clipart they can use as well as sounds and backgrounds.

Below are a few pictures MaryEllen drew into the program.







They are still learning the program and hope to add their own sounds, pictures, etc. They also hope to learn how to make short animations.


Happy Creating,

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