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MaryEllen’s Writing On The Cats

Here is an exercise MaryEllen did for The Writing Course. This will be her second time through, which she began a few weeks ago.

The Writing Course

The Writing Course


By MaryEllen Albright

We have two cats living under our trailer. We named them Joey and Sunbeam. When I say we, I mean my brother and I. Mom likes them enough to let us feed them. Dad likes them a little, I think. We like them a lot.

We are not sure if Joey is really a girl or not, we are not sure about sunbeam either.

Joey is mostly black with some brown here and there. His belly and paws are white. There's a ring of white that goes almost fully around his neck. Sunbeam is gray and has some yellow here and there. His face is all yellow with a little gray maybe. His belly and paws are white.

Cat Food

The first thing we fed them was some sandwich cheese, they liked it. I tried giving them some of my apple, they sniffed it, but didn't eat it. The next thing we fed them was some old hot dogs. They didn't get sick afterwards. Next, we fed them bread. At first Joey didn't eat it, only Sunbeam did. But next time we fed them bread, Joey ate it too. We also tried animal crackers, but I think the crackers were too sweet for them. Finally, we bought some cat food. Now we feed them that and they like it. On one of Dad's days off, he grills some steak and we give the cats the fatty parts and the gristle, they like that. Of course we didn't feed them everything at the same time.

Sometimes we would see Joey hit Sunbeam. Joey looks cute, but he is hitting Sunbeam, so he wasn't being very nice.

Sunbeam and Joey won't let us touch them. Plus Mom and Dad don't want us to pet them.

Even though they are stray cats, we don't want them to starve, even Dad doesn't think we should let them go hungry. I think Mom might agree. So, they let us give them food and water.

Only one problem, we might have to sell the trailer, and if we do, the new people will have two stray cats who would expect food when they go outside.





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