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MaryEllen’s Viking Creations

MaryEllen has developed an interest in the Vikings, Saxons, dragons, etc. While rediscovering these Perler Beads, she creatively constructed a fleet of viking ships. I thought it was ingenious how she designed them to stand and how she devised a way for the sail to be placed.

Viking Ships

Viking Ships

Viking Ships - Perler Beads

Viking Ships - Perler Beads

She has made two more since I took these pictures and she is still creating. I think it was her intent to make a fleet.






2 thoughts on “MaryEllen’s Viking Creations

  1. Stacie Lewin

    Fantastic job! We have some of these but I didn't knwo we could buy them without sets like that. I might have to check this out more and see if my son would like to do something with them. Would have been a neat idea to make a Mayflower Ship with them. Instead we are constructing our own. Going to keep this in mind for future products.

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