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MaryEllen’s Current Dragons

Dragons are pretty neat creatures. They are as fascinating as your imagination takes you. MaryEllen enjoys creating different dragons using inspiration from a few of her art books.

Candy Cane Dragon
MaryEllen made this candy cane dragon for her Grandma Rose.
Dragon blowing fire
Dragon blowing fire.
This is a pretty interesting dragon. I like how the body is curved.
Watermelon Dragon
A watermelon dragon. I like the colors of this one and the 'seeds'.
This is a pretty dragon. It reminds me of coffee colors. Maybe it can be called Mocha.
This one wants to look spooky, or maybe stern is more like it. I like the design on the wings.
Look at the detail in those scales. You know that took a while. I like the purple and black colors.
This one was taken with the camera from her bedroom wall, so it is a little shaded on the left.
Dragons fighting
A battle between dragons, or maybe a friendly game of wrestle. 🙂
Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.





5 thoughts on “MaryEllen’s Current Dragons

  1. Dee

    What a talent. I definitely see her going into something that deals with graphic arts, maybe even designing or illustrating for books and magazines. I love the watermelon and Mocha ones. 😉 So cute! She definitely has her own distinct style!



    ps Is she doing these on that graphic computer screen thingy that you bought her last year. I've been considering one of those for Joshua...

    1. Cynthia Albright

      Hi Dee,
      She does want to do something with her drawing. She wants to learn animation, so I have been looking into that.

      She hasn't used her tablet very much. For a while, it was acting goofy and I just reinstalled it, but I don't know how to get it to work in my Photoshop Elements. I think I might have to upgrade it. I have a really old version. So, basically it has been Don and I not getting her up and running properly. 🙁

      Right now, she draws her picture in pencil, traces it with a fine marker, erases the pencil and then colors it. It really is a lot of work and it takes quite a while.

    1. Cynthia Albright

      Hi Brynn,
      Sure, MaryEllen has a few dragon art books on her wish list. 🙂 The ones she does have and that she enjoys are:
      Dragon Evolution
      Dragon Art

      She also learned some techniques about drawing from The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses. She started out drawing horses, but ever since the How To Train Your Dragon movie came out, she has shifted to learning how to draw dragons.

      She draws constantly and has a real eye for detail. We have other drawing books around, but she said these were the ones she really uses. The other ones are more on portraits and still life. She hasn't done any of those yet. Also, when we watch an animated movie, she loves to watch the special features when they show drawing or how the movie was made. I know she got some ideas from those too.

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