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MaryEllen’s Creation

MaryEllen has been wanting to try her hand at drawing on material. She decided to start with a pillow-sheet. This past week, we went to Walmart, Target and Hobby Lobby looking for white pillow-sheets and fabric markers. We didn't want to pay a small fortune,  just something she could practice on. We finally found a 2 pack for about $5 at Walmart. Cheap, but it does the job. She also got some fabric pens. She had a gift card, so she used it. 🙂

Don had printed some coupons for Hobby Lobby, so we got more fabric pens there at 40% off. I think we will go there with a coupon next time too when she is in need of more pens or wants different colors. She just got the primary colors to begin with.

Later, I found some white place mats at Big Lots in the clearance section.. 50 cents each. Now we are seeing white as a canvas. 🙂 These are just for her to practice and doodle on.

Here is her first creation.

I think these would make great gifts for family and friends. 🙂




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