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Long Lost Journals

The other day as I was on the computer, I found some journal entries I wrote a few years back (2002-2006). I have an external hard drive that I couldn't get to work and we finally got a new adaptor to see if that was the problem. Sure enough, it fired up! 🙂 I found these journals on that hard drive.

It was so fun and funny to read about what the kids were doing and what they were saying. Here is a snippet:

At bedtime, Don will say prayers with the kids and I usually recite the ‘Now I lay me’ prayer, MaryEllen tells me, “boys say ‘Thank you Jesus for today.” and girls say “Now I lay me down to sleep.” Huh Mom?

October 11, 2006

Tonight while we were having toaster strudels, Donnie asked if they could watch a short movie before bed. I told him we could not down stairs because it was already 8pm and Auntie Linda was going to put her kids to be. He asked if we could watch a DVD up stairs. I said yes, a short one. Donnie says, ‘Mom, I know how to spell DVD.’ I say you do how? He says, ‘D-V-D’ Wow I say. Isn’t that cute. He is just starting to try to spell words with his new found blending skills.

Oh and after MaryEllen asks ‘It is DVD with the line over all the letters because they say their name?’ So cute. She is just learning about putting the line above a vowel when it says its name.

LOL! Isn't it amazing the things we forget? I honestly do not think I would have remembered half the things I read if I hadn't recorded them. Can you imagine all that is lost of the things I did NOT record!

Keeping journals is priceless! It is so much fun to read them and I know the kids will enjoy reading about themselves as toddlers. Even their kids will one day most likely enjoy reading about their parents as kids. MaryEllen and Donnie can't imagine me or Don as kids, and they enjoy the stories we tell.

What a treasure journals are!

Finding these has motivated me to getting back to journaling. I have never been very good and have done it on and off throughout the years. But I guess any little bit is good.


2 thoughts on “Long Lost Journals

  1. Auntie Reff

    Wow, that must of been fun to find...and to read! You should print them out, add pictures, and in the future present them to your kids. That would be a fun gift for them to receive. 🙂

    I have a question about your blog. I come often to see what's new but your blog entries don't show a date; is that on purpose? Just wondering.

    1. Cynce

      Yes, Reff, I thought the same thing about making it a gift. Maybe in a few years or when they go to college or get married. Gives me time... 🙂

      I noticed that my posts don't date, nor do they show the comment (x) on the home page. I think it has to do with the template I am using.

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