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Integers Chart or Bookmark

I made this book mark to go in MaryEllen's math book to help her remember the rules of Integers.

It is funny because I remember when I was learning to add fractions with uncommon denominators in grade school, I just couldn't get it. I remember asking the teacher's aide for help more than once. Then, one day the light bulb just turned on! I remember that feeling well.

I tell that story to MaryEllen and she can't believe I couldn't understand because it came easy for her. Now, I am thinking of the same thing with this positive/negative stuff. I never had a problem with it, but for some reason, it is taking a little longer for it to click with her.

I am hoping this chart will help the light bulb turn on for her.

Positive and Negative Integer ChartThis file is in PNG format.
Download Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Integers Chart

I hope it comes in handy for you too.


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